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Trump Isn’t ‘Nice?’ That’s a Dog Whistle.


Denunciations of President Trump’s public manner, of his alleged assaults on polite society’s sensibilities, of claimed boorish behavior on social media, are at best self-deceptive. They are dog whistles and signaling towards debased social virtue. In addition, President Trump’s alleged especially terrible manners may well be just as fraudulently ginned up as President Ford’s physical clumsiness, a fraud perpetrated by leftists in powerful cultural positions for political advantage. A tale of three women voting for Democrats helps us understand the deep need for these poses, these deceptions.

Three women voting for Democrats:

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In 2018, a retired Air Force colonel, an A-10 pilot with the usual combat experience, decided it would be easier to be elected as Senator than to earn reelection in a “purple” congressional district. Martha McSally ended up +1 in the RealClearPolitics rolling average of polls, against a movement leftist who had previously showed up […]

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If You Don’t Ask, You Must Not Want My Vote


Ballot box Dear (appointed) Senator Martha McSally,

If you do not ask, you must not want my vote. You were rejected by Arizona voters when you last ran for the U.S. Senate. Now, after being appointed to our other U.S. Senate seat by Governor Doug Ducey, you appear to be pretending that there is no primary election in this state. But, there is a primary election on August 4, 2020. I have my absentee ballot in hand. Clearly, Republicans and Arizonans who are registered Independent have a real choice. We can vote for you or for Daniel McCarthy. So, why are you hiding? Are you really running at all this year? Do you believe you are a real incumbent who can afford to play the old game of refusing to acknowledge an opponent? You are not.

Arizona Republican Senate BallotDaniel McCarthy has been serious about seeking my vote. His campaign is hitting my phone number almost daily with a short pitch by the candidate. He is asking for my vote and giving me reasons to fill in the bubble next to his name. You, on the other hand, have shown me and every other Arizona Republican and Independent voter complete contempt. How dare you presume on my support?

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Republicans and independents have the opportunity to vote for one of two candidates, Martha McSally or Daniel McCarthy, this August 4. She is repeating her failed strategy from 2018. McSally is refusing to acknowledge McCarthy and the primary voters. If Daniel McCarthy loses, it will not be for lack of trying, whereas Martha McSally seems […]

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Governors, Mayors, Congressional Republicans, and All That Jazz


Daniel Henninger in the WSJ, by way of the Dan Proft show, points to the lasting harm of our supposedly national experts’ response to the Chinese virus. The show and Henninger’s column point to a New York City jazz club owner of some renown in the jazz community. Michael “Spike” Wilner writes a weekly e-mail letter posted online from the SmallsLIVE Foundation. Reading this letter surfaces a key issue that governors and local leaders across the country are failing to address, inflicting far more harm than necessary. The massive financial fissure created by government leaders’ edicts and failure to own the consequences of their edicts is unpaid debt: rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax.

Martha McSally, the rest of the Republican Senators up for reelection, and Mitch McConnell own this as well. They have the power to drive legislation that Democrats could not oppose. They can include immediate refundable tax credits for all rent, lease, mortgage, and property tax forgiveness. Instead, they are printing money to paper around the edges of this financial fissure.

Here is the relevant portion of the SmallsLIVE Foundation newsletter [emphasis added]:

Run, Martha, Run!



Since your latest fundraising mailer invites me to first name you, and since you keep going back your retired military rank, let’s talk retired colonel to retired colonel. I wrote to you in June by your official email, USPS, and here, where your staff should certainly be scanning for mentions. Now I am writing via your campaign, and documenting the communication publicly so any real media and Republican Party staff can note the issue and engage your campaign. Time is extremely short, but a ground attack pilot should be able to get inside the DNC OODA loop.

Here is what I got and what I sent back to your campaign:

An Open Letter to Martha McSally


Scales of Justice and Boots of TruthSenator McSally,

I want you to win this November, just as I wanted you to win in 2018. Sadly, tragically for our nation, it appears you are on track to be a two-time state-wide loser. That will be the end of your prospects for any position of influence going forward. It may also be the end of our republic. Please help us help you by being your best legislator and candidate. Act on the sustained real courage of Major McSally, flashes of which you have shown in the United States Senate. That way lies victory, if you tell your story true and get your story out by casting aside the counsel of caution, seizing every opportunity in every forum to engage with Arizonans.

You have a great personal story to tell, but the small piece of it that you were advised to hammer on, female A-10 pilot flying in combat, was not enough last time and is obviously not enough against an astronaut. The basic problem is linking this narrative to what you will do in the Senate and why people who are not entirely committed to voting their party line should think and feel favorably about you. You have a much more relevant and relatable story in your long fight for the Constitution and for basic human decency by the Pentagon leadership towards servicewomen.

Bring On the Witnesses


McSally Collins GardnerYes, new witnesses will prolong the process by weeks at a minimum, and voting for witnesses under a Cocaine Mitch-Ted Cruz plan is likely necessary to a Trump and Trump-voter-supporting Congress winning this November. On Friday, there will be a series of votes. It is now more likely than not that there will be 51 votes, including Susan Collins (Republican-Maine), Mitt Romney (Snake-Self Serving), Lamar Alexander (Retiring-Chamber of Commerce), and Lisa Murkowski (Scheming-Big Union and Oil).

Senator Collins faithfully represents her state. She is a woman of honor who will take a tough vote when needed. It is she who reportedly first floated the common-sense proposal that the Senate trial should be run on the same rules as for the President Clinton trial. There was a basic sense of turn-about as fair play in this. She prevailed; these are the rules in the current Senate trial.

Senator McConnell is reportedly maneuvering for a single basket of witnesses vote, no chance for troublemakers and RINOS to actually work with the Democrats to inflict maximum damage on the president and the Republican majority in the Senate. This will work if he also insists on the Cruz control: paired 1-for-1 witness approval. You want the ‘Stashe? You have to vote for Biden’s boy. You want Mick Mulvaney? You have to vote for Eric Ciaramella. “Do ya really wanna jump?” [officially sanctioned clip, so “R” rated]

Finish the week strong with your Friday martinis! Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the roster of President Trump’s impeachment defense team, including former independent counsel Ken Starr and famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz. They also roll their eyes as Arizona Sen. Martha McSally tries to fundraise off of calling CNN reporter Manu Raju a “liberal hack” and CNN goes into full martyr mode to pretend McSally committed some sort of grave assault on the first amendment. And they get a kick out of Politico reporting that many Democrats are just now realizing that Joe Biden is not going to implode before the caucuses and primaries begin.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome reports that Senate Intelligence Committee Republicans and Democrats agree that there is no direct evident showing a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016.  They also shudder for GOP Senate prospects in 2020 as astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, announces he will run against Arizona Sen. Martha McSally next year.  And Jim sounds off on the insincere apologies offered by the likes of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America lament the loss of another GOP Senate seat as Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is declared the winner of the Arizona Senate race.  They’re also not surprised as North Korea is found maintaining and even enhancing its ballistic missile program with numerous undeclared sites.  They also react to National Review writer Kat Timpf being harassed at a New York City bar and being forced to leave because some people found out she worked for Fox News.  And Jim pays tribute to the late Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

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Hugh Hewitt is reporting this morning that there is a good chance that the Governor of Arizona will appoint Congresswoman McSally to the Senate. It is not a done deal, but he was in Arizona over the weekend and spoke with the principals: Martha, the governor, and Sen. Kyle. Preview Open

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5 Reasons Why Sinema Won Arizona


Outsiders think of Arizona as one of the reddest states. From Barry Goldwater to anti-immigration hawks like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, our most famous politicians tend to be Republicans. But traditionally, Arizona is rather purple and regularly features tight statewide elections.

In the past 45 years, Democrats have held the governorship as often as the Republicans. But in the last decade, the GOP consolidated their hold on power due to the unprecedented organization of the Tea Party and the Left’s hyperbolic anti-Arizona rhetoric in the wake of the illegal immigration debates. (“Vote for us, you dumb racists!” wasn’t the winning message Democrats expected.) Last Tuesday, the pendulum finally swung back to the center.

Many non-Arizonans wonder how decorated fighter pilot Martha McSally could have lost to a  progressive-turned-moderate like Kyrsten Sinema. Excuses like “Trump lost the suburbs” and “Democrats cheat” miss the point. Instead, here are five local reasons this race turned out as it did.

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Sometimes when I am too angry and feel my blood boil, it is better that I refrain from filing an OP. I was really, really angry after Trump belittled Republican members of Congress who lost their seats. I wrote: “I voted for Martha McSally yesterday. I regret that. Preview Open

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Arizona Rally: The MAGA Main Event


This report follows an earlier report on the “opening acts” at the 19 October 2018, Mesa, Arizona, MAGA rally. The event started after a significant number of people were in the hanger, but while people were still being admitted both into the hanger and then into the overflow viewing area. The organization and execution of the event reflected great professionalism and experience. This set the stage for a successful appearance by the President and Senate candidate Martha McSally, both of whose performances are worth noting. We do not have a Texas-size population, but Arizona punches way above its weight.

Staging: Yuge congratulations to the City of Mesa, the Donald J. Trump MAGA event coordinators, and especially the Mesa Police Department! This event was at least double the size of the 2017 Phoenix rally and had none of the leftist mob drama. To be fair, the choice of terrain favored law enforcement, and discouraged significant trouble, before or after the event. Instead of urban canyons, through which small groups could maneuver and strike, the venue was at the edge of a former Air Force airfield, with open desert on its border.

Arizona Rally: The Opening Act, Oh My!


The Arizona MAGA Rally was another great success, no thanks to the new Arizona Republican Party Chairman. The structure of these rallies is set and well known by now. President Trump is the headliner, and he will bring up a person who he wants to highlight during his speech. Before that, there are a series of opening acts, following the consistent opening ceremony, comprised of: the Pledge of Allegiance, public prayer invocation, and the National Anthem. Stunningly, the new guy in Arizona, Jonathan Lines, managed to mangle both the National Anthem and the opening acts.

Setting the Scene:

McSally vs. Sinema: (Southwest) Desert Storm


Well, maybe a brief shower, with occasional distant thunder. Monday evening, two Arizona congresswomen, Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema, squared off in a debate. This was the only debate in the campaign. Indeed, both McSally and Sinema refused to debate their primary opponents. The debate will likely do little to move the electorate.

Debate Mechanics

The debate was held in the PBS studio, at the Cronkite School of Journalism, on the downtown Arizona State University campus. There was no live audience. Each candidate stood behind a translucent lectern, with notes on the lectern. Each candidate was asked the same questions in this manner: 90-second answer, 45-second response, followed by up to two minutes of discussion on the topic. The closing comments were one minute apiece. Total time, from administrative introduction through closing statements, was 59 minutes, 42 seconds.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America sip three good martinis for conservatives today.  They begin by highlighting Cherokee Nation’s slamming of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test as being any sort confirmation that she belongs in its ranks.  They also discuss Project Veritas exposing the McCaskill campaign in Missouri for taking great pains to prevent voters there from knowing how liberal McCaskill really is.  And they chronicle the litany of bad press for Arizona Democratic Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema, including not caring if an American fought for the Taliban in 2003 and bringing in witches for an anti-war vote that same year.