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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for Yipes! January 2, 2019….yes, 2019! It is the Misguided Mitt edition of the show with your ever-on-target hosts, radio guy Todd Feinburg on the right coast and AI guy Mike Stopa (the handsome one) on the left coast.

This week, this very day, Mitt Romney, our former governor from Massachusetts and, did it really happen?!? candidate for president has decided to…to….to what exactly? to write an op ed in the Washington Post…to enter the fray…to slam the President….And, you may ask, to what end? Preparing for a run for President in 2020? Is that even allowed? Mitt’s a Mormon so he can’t have been drinking. We are not sure we can fathom what Mitt is thinking. But we can talk about it. And we do!

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome President Trump’s order sending National Guard personnel to the southern border.  They explain why questions about whether Trump has such power are ridiculous but also hope the forces are not needed for long if lawmakers address the problem quickly and effectively.  They also get a kick out of “moderate” Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner suddenly supporting some kind of “assault weapons” ban, proving once again Warner talks like a moderate but always ends up toeing the liberal line on virtually every issue.  And they shake their heads as Steven Spielberg suggests Indiana Jones could be a female character in future installments of the series.  Jim makes the point that it’s a bad idea to recast roles so closely identified with a certain actor, and they both vent about the unmitigated garbage heap that was the fourth film in the Indiana Jones franchise.

Show Me The Money


Senator Beauregard Sessions had just been sworn in when the man next to me jumped up and started screaming.

Up until that point, the man had seemed like any normal American, awaiting testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room in his freshly ironed KKK white gown and hood, which he told me was the late Democrat West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd’s signature “Kleagle” model.