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Daniel DiSalvo joins City Journal editor Brian Anderson to discuss the impact of last year’s Supreme Court decision in Janus v. ASFCME, in which the Court ruled that public-sector unions’ mandatory “agency fees” were unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

Unions provide an important source of financial support for politicians—primarily Democrats—around the country. In a new report for the Manhattan Institute, DiSalvo finds that blue states are taking steps to shield their public unions from the full consequences of the Janus ruling.

This week on Banter, AEI Resident Scholar and deputy director of AEI’s Education Policy Studies Nat Malkus joined the show to discuss how a ruling in favor of Janus might affect unions in states where agency fees apply. Malkus’s work at AEI focuses on K-12 education, specifically school finance, charter schools, school choice, and the future of standardized testing. Before joining AEI, Malkus was a senior researcher at the American Institutes for Research. Learn more about the case and explore the potential effects of the expected ruling using Malkus’s interactive tool at the links below.

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Public Unions May Get Their Due


Mark Janus, who works for the state government in Illinois sued AFSCME, saying he does not agree with its positions and should not be forced to pay fees to support its work..

Public employee unions may have fleeced taxpayers one time too many. Two court cases involving Illinois residents resisting forced union fees and representation may give the US Supreme Court the opportunity to restore employee and taxpayer freedoms.