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A Cry from the Heart from a Real American Hero


Powerline just posted this video by Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, a Batallion Tank Commander on active duty, the posting of which is easily one of the most courageous acts of American citizenship I have seen, especially in this sad era of pusillanimity posing as “leadership.” Here is the Powerline intro followed by the video; I am hastening to put this video out because, as they so correctly point out, it may not last more than a few minutes.

Addressing “the American leadership,” Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller has posted the video below to his Facebook page. Making a point I have made repeatedly in my comments on our withdrawal from Afghanistan, Lieutenant Colonel Scheller seeks accountability from senior leaders. Obviously made at substantial risk to himself, it is a powerful statement that is likely to be suppressed before long. Perhaps he himself should have resigned from the Corps before he made it. I don’t know.