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When I first heard that a march was going to take place in Kissimmee, FL (the next town over from ours), I was concerned. Then I heard that the Kissimmee Police Chief Jeff O’Dell decided to have his officers march alongside the protestors. I was impressed. At first glance the march went well. Around 500 […]

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The Men’s and Women’s March


You mean you haven’t heard of the Men’s and Women’s March? You must have been living in a cave! Or you suddenly realize that no one has ever thought to organize such an exciting and significant event. And that it’s long overdue.

One notable freedom we have in this country is the freedom of assembly, which includes marches and protests. We have many of them, large and small, sometimes one-time events, sometimes annual demonstrations. To get a sampling, go here. We tend to see mostly Leftist demonstrations (notably the Right to Life is an exception), whose values mostly conflict with the values of the Right. So I propose it’s time to have a march that speaks to the men and women of this country, their traditional views and values.