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Taking a break from politics, Jack brings back his friend, budding exercise scientist Brady Holmer, to talk about what the “runner’s high” really is, how it doesn’t mean that running is all hunky-dory, and how to deal with running-related setbacks.

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield are back with all your challenge suggestions—and a deep conversation about WHY people love paying to suffer in the name of fitness, how to take care of your body and train for big fitness events (from a Tough Mudder to a marathon), and how to know which friends you should push to do things they don’t want to do… and which friends to leave the heck alone. And maybe—maybe—the ladybrains have finally picked their challenge for 2019… AND 2020.

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Well, maybe not everything. But in this episode, Jack invites a longtime friend, former running competitor, and budding cardiovascular expert for an episode (our longest yet) about running: Why people do it, whether it’s bad for you, how a non-runner would get into it, etc.

What It’s Like to Run the Boston Marathon


It’s hard to do the Boston Marathon.

After 123 years, the race itself now seems inextricably bound up in an aura of athletic excellence, reaching near-mythic status. Just to say “Boston Marathon” (or even just “Boston”) is to invoke a goal or an accomplishment of seemingly impossible caliber. But if you have your sights set on Boston, as I did, then this is exactly what you are trying to do: become part of one of the most famous and grueling athletic pursuits accessible to non-elites and non-Olympians.

But, again, the Boston Athletic Association, which runs the race, doesn’t make it easy. It’s hard to qualify; hard to get to; and, of course, hard to race. (As I’ve said elsewhere: Marathons are hard.) In the lead-up to and on April 15, 2019, the day of my first Boston Marathon, I experienced all three dimensions of the race’s difficulty.

Learn about Steve Howey’s (Shameless) journey into acting and how getting a national Coca-Cola commercial right out of the gates was the worst thing that could have happened.  He talks marathons, triathlons, how he pushes himself beyond his perceived limits and why the mind is a dangerous place.