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The Mystery of the Globe


Literally, the one in my office. I have a beautiful Rand McNally globe that sat in my grandfather’s office when he worked for the company in the 1960s. My dad has had it since the 80s, and gave it to me a few months back (ok, I took it and he didn’t object). Only recently have I had time to really take a close look; the first time in 35 years.

The mystery is: how old is the globe?

My dad’s memory is that it was in his dad’s office just around the time he started high school in 1960, so at least 60 years old. Now, the first twist: There is only one Germany represented, so pre WWII, eighty years?

Mapping the Vote



Alex Egoshin ran the presidential election returns through GIS software to create new relief maps comparing the United States of Doanld to the United Urban Centers of Hillary. Above, you have the Clinton Archipelago, and below, TrumpLand. Open each in a new tab for the full-size versions.