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The Manchester attack has created some interesting tensions in inter agency cooperation between the UK and USA. Finally, someone is actually getting mad at US officials leaking intelligence. And, it’s not Trump who they are blaming, go figure. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-40040210 Preview Open

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In the latest installment of Radio Deplorable, Dave Carter invites Ricochet’s (and Whiskey Politics’) Dave Sussman onto the program to discuss his recent post (Blood on Their Hands), which generated a veritable avalanche of commentary.  As Dave Carter noted, “I thought it might prove interesting to give Dave Sussman a chance to expand, clarify, reiterate, etc. He did all of that and more, and it was an intriguing discussion to say the least.”  We think you’ll agree.

Blood on Their Hands


Tonight our hearts break for parents, their teenagers and even young children who were brutally murdered and injured for simply attending a pop concert in Manchester, England. Those of us who feel angry are justified. There is blood on the hands of politicians who refuse to admit evil exists in our midst. Violence occurs when evil is allowed to metastasize, and it has been allowed. British officials have stepped back from no-go zones because “Islamophobia.” The Mayor of London has accepted this carnage as the price for “living in a major city”. Read that again. The Mayor of one of the world’s greatest cities said this:

Sadiq Khan: London mayor says terror attacks ‘part and parcel’ of living in a major city.

I grew up in England, have returned many times and watched as the town of my childhood profoundly changed. There is no doubt a vast majority of immigrants are hardworking, family-minded people of good faith. But we now have a reality that the media won’t report due to political correctness, that there are extremist Sharia no-go zones across the island country that politicians and police will not address.

Manchester is suffering tonight from the result of Islamism expanding across the country. On my last trip to Birmingham, I stopped for a pint at a local pub on the way to the airport and found myself in one such zone. I was practically escorted out as young Muslim men dressed like football hooligans eyed me with contempt. My guardian angel told me I had no business in that pub or neighborhood, that the “police won’t ‘elp you ‘ere, guv.”