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The In-Between Times


In a sense (although some would argue otherwise), we are in that in-between time as a nation. It’s difficult to pinpoint when we “began the ending” of our nation, but when the Left became more blatant in their accomplishments, expectations, and efforts, the period of our naivete came to an end. And we entered the in-between time.

Now we are keenly aware that our democracy has been wounded by outliers that somehow made dangerous inroads to our governance and culture. We watched them do it, and tried to ignore that things were changing, particularly in education. We trusted our teachers and our schools to “take care of” our children, but our reliance on them was misguided. The time may have existed when we could count on them, but we didn’t notice when the education agenda for our children became their propaganda mandate.

Turnout Projections: Malaise?


With election day just two weeks away, I was somewhat startled to realize this morning just how quiet things seem. I am seeing far fewer road signs, for example, and hardly any fliers in my snail-mailbox — contrary to past years, including midterm elections. Among co-workers and friends, a few are talking about the various crises (Ebola, ISIS, and so forth), but no one is really talking about the election. My observations are purely anecdotal, of course, but there just seems to be a general lack of intensity when it comes to the upcoming vote. In my very red state, the energy level looks nothing like 2010. I can’t help but to think that we’re looking at a real potential for low turnout this year across the board.

Is it crisis fatigue? Is it Obama fatigue, and knowing that 2016 is still pretty far away? Is it a growing sense that it doesn’t matter who gets into office; that things are mucked up now and will stay mucked up for the foreseeable future?

Member Post


After the closing of my little construction company at the end of 2013, I was fortunate to find work as the CFO of a local, private group of companies. It was a typically messy situation, run on checkbook balances, accounting and finances unreliable, inaccurate, misleading and chronically behind. There was some nominal book-cooking going on, […]

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