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The First-in-the-Nation primary in New Hampshire kicked off to light snowfall this morning. I spent an hour in Wolfeboro holding a Trump sign and lost count of the number of thumbs up I got after about 30 seconds. The only other sign holders there were for Buttigieg, the picture of me below was taken by one of them in a quid pro quo arrangement (I took a picture of them in exchange).

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Dear President Trump:

You probably won’t ever see this, but my fellow Ricochet members will. Today I was on my way to a major dental appointment (all went well), and had the radio on. I heard Rush Limbaugh say that they are trying to make you (the Progressives) physically sick – in addition to piling on the stress of making you emotionally sick. I already considered that, before Limbaugh said it, because this latest impeachment bull has made me physically sick. I felt sick when I heard the “hypothetical” from Adam Schiff. I want to tell you, as an average American, just a few things as follows:

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The United States of America was not always great. Certainly not. In 1776, it was a newly emerged colony, freshly out from under the feet of King George and Britain. Compared to the rest of the world, the United States of America (America for short) was anything but great. America emerged with the defective practically […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. “Make America Great Again”


I never much cared for the slogan, mostly for the obvious reason that I think America remains great and has never not been great. I never much cared for the hat, either: I don’t wear hats, and I’m not a big fan of Trump the man, however much I like his performance in office.

But it seems to me that there’s a serious problem in need of a serious solution, and wearing the iconic orange red cap is, oddly enough, a useful tool for solving it.

Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Hat Talk: The Rest of the Story


While my night on the town began, as related here, at Starbucks, it didn’t end there — nor did it continue in precisely the same vein of tolerance and understanding.

A few hours after I left the iconic cafe with my bag of free coffee and attended a family dinner, I ended up in a local bar doing what I do in bars: acting as designated driver and herder of tipsy friends. I am widely valued for my public temperance, my modestly imposing physical presence, and my capacious vehicle. (I drink, but only moderately and always at home. )

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Great Trump 2020 Kickoff, but What About the Squirrel?!


I tuned in a little late to the official Trump 2020 Kickoff Campaign in Orlando, FL last evening. The house was packed with over 20,000 people and it appeared to be a rousing success. As it wrapped up, Fox News was running a ticker tape across the bottom screen of other important news in case you missed something. I definitely missed something.

Apparently, a man in Alabama was keeping a pet squirrel. It is illegal to keep a pet squirrel in Alabama. There’s more: He was also keeping it as an attack squirrel, and supposedly let it loose on one too many people. Someone finally called the cops.

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. Holder: America Was Never Great


Eric Holder and others on the left slam the POTUS slogan about making America great again with the outrageous claim that America was never great. Their reasoning, according to Eric Holder, harkens back to slavery, women’s suffrage, and the failure to allow gay marriage. Insane.

Was America ever great? It has certainly been a great economic power because of capitalism. Its economic greatness is struggling under regulatory burdens.

David French of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo slamming President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan by saying, “It was never that great.” So what do most on the left really believe? They also shudder at Elizabeth Warren’s plan to make any company earning more than a billion dollars in revenue each year to get permission to operate from the federal government and allow the government to dictate compensation, personnel policies, and who can be on the board of directors. And while David remembers his own consideration of a 2016 presidential run, they marvel that people like California Rep. Eric Swalwell are seriously considering a 2020 bid.

Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Technology Defeats Climate Change


I’ve written about the scientific basis for why I’m skeptical about catastrophic anthropogenic climate change before — have fun reading that one! — but if you didn’t find my rationale convincing, the reasons to ignore catastrophists are really piling up. If it’s true that “tomorrow’s technologies will solve today’s problems,” we live in an age of wonders.

Why is that? Harvard scientists have announced the invention of an energy-efficient means of carbon capture:

Everything you need to know about the GOP tax plan from two terrific experts: Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform and economist James Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute;

Another #MAGAMonday segment, starring longtime blogger and Istapundit favorite Don Surber;

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Hennessey Performance Engineering is looking to dethrone the mighty Bugatti Chiron for the title of the World’s Fastest Hypercar with their new Venom F5, according to news reports this morning.  Hennessey’s teaser photographs hint that this vehicle will be able to hit 300 miles per hour! If true, this represents conquering a considerable engineering challenge, […]

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Promoted from the Ricochet Member Feed by Editors Created with Sketch. Rock the Vote!


Amidst news of moderate Senate Republicans reneging on their long-made promises to repeal ObamaCare and President Trump publicly chastising his Attorney General, speculation has swirled about the 2018 race for the United States Senate in the state of Michigan. Debbie Stabenow, who has held the seat since defeating Spencer Abraham in 2000, is likely to seek re-election to a fourth term. Among her possible Republican opponents may be one Robert James Ritchie, better known to the world as rap, rock, and country recording artist Kid Rock.

*record scratch*

Recommended by Ricochet Members Created with Sketch. It’s Fun Being a Girl Again


So, I’m in the check-out aisle at Publix and spot a fashion magazine and begin to browse while the fellows in front of me unload their cart of copious amounts of booze and Count Chocula cereal (I’m in a resort town and do not judge). This August issue has both summer fashion and highlights of what’s trendy for Fall – double bonus! OK … I’m an older gal, I don’t live in a big city, and I’m no longer in the corporate world, but I do love to keep up on current trends. I’ll never submit to stuffy pantsuits or short grey hair and no make-up – too vain – no … too self-conscious and refuse to get old – hell – I’m a Baby Boomer – I broke ground burning bras – why stop now?

Inspired by beautiful Melania’s cool dress in Poland, I pour a glass of wine and hit the porch to scan the new styles for summer and what’s coming. I didn’t get far. OMG! Why does Chanel and others keep running ads of two women closely embracing, this one with boobs hanging out of her fall sweater? Michael Kors ads have improved. His models don’t look like they’re on death row and the clothes are actually flattering – instead of concentration camp chic – improvement.

Contributor Post Created with Sketch. How Donald Trump Will End Illegal Immigration


363px-Donald_Trump_(14235998650)_(cropped)With last night’s victory, it’s now even clearer that Donald Trump is the GOP frontrunner. As someone who’s been on-the-record as refusing to support him since October, I find this deeply disheartening. As if the rest of it weren’t enough, his comments blaming George W. Bush for 9/11 and claiming that Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq should have sunk him.

I’ve no doubt, however, that Trump will meaningfully deliver on his key promise to reduce illegal immigration. Sure, building a big, beautiful wall will help, as will continuing to beef-up the Border Patrol, but these supply-side tactics can only do so much. As with drugs, part of the solution has to address the demand for the contraband. In the case of immigration, that means asking why millions of people — particularly those from Latin America — are trying to break into our country.