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A Rush Listener Remembers


On Wednesday morning, Feb. 17, 2021, I remember turning on the radio to listen to “The Rush Limbaugh Show.” My wife was with me, and when she heard Rush’s wife, Kathryn’s, voice, she grabbed my hand and started to cry. Instinctively, she knew the news Kathryn was about to impart. I believe I was in denial, as I tried to reassure my wife that Kathryn was on to let Rush’s listeners know about his health status. It had been awhile since he had hosted his show, and I just knew his cancer treatments were taking a toll but that he would be back soon. To my dismay, my wife was correct.

Even though I knew that day would come, you can never prepare for such gut-wrenching news. In my world, “The Rush Limbaugh Show” was an almost daily occurrence. I counted on his wisdom and wit to help me repel the liberal, biased media bombardment conservatives endure. I took it for granted that he would always be there, advocating for traditional American values, shining light into the darkness and deceit in which liberals and progressives operate. With all the obstacles he overcame during his career and life, surely he could beat back his cancer. But God had other plans. His talent he loaned Rush was now due, and in God’s infinite wisdom, it was time for Rush to come home.

Covid Fraud


No, I’m not claiming that the pandemic is a hoax. But I am claiming fraud and it has nothing to do with short epidemiologists.

Last month I received a prepaid credit card in the mail. Now, bad mail is not unusual in my neck of the woods. Like Washington DC, my hometown is divided into quadrants and it is possible for four people living here to have the same address with the only difference being the direction from the public square: NE, NW, SE, or SW. So I marked it as return-to-sender and put it back in my mailbox for the carrier to handle.

Join Jim and Greg as they chronicle how Princeton University’s self-flagellation over systemic racism launched a federal investigation into whether they should no longer qualify for taxpayer dollars. They also cringe as two swing states (and, yes, Nevada is one of them) create mail-in voting loopholes that erode confidence in the system. And they hammer Joe Biden for claiming to be for and against fracking in the same answer.

Join Jim and Greg as they react to the breaking news of a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. They also discuss President Trump’s comments on COVID, John Lewis and more in his Axios interview. And they hammer the federal judge who just ignored election law by ordering officials to count ballots that were not received by election day.

Join Jim and Greg as they offer a rare compliment to the European Union for sanctioning China in response to Beijing’s crackdown in Hong Kong. They also discuss why voting by mail this year could be a gigantic mess and why President Trump musing about delaying the election is also a big mistake. They roll their eyes as Dr. Fauci suggests covering them with goggles or face shields to protect from COVID. And they remember successful businessman and 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain, who passed away after a battle with COVID.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer one certain Republican win in a congressional election on Tuesday and a likely win in another, but also wonder what a national election based mostly on voting by mail will look like. They also slam officials in Los Angeles County for announcing the stay-at-home order is being extended for another three months. And they blast CNN for booking Greta Thunberg to be an expert guest for its coronavirus town hall.