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A Lose-Lose Election for Americans


Trigger Warning: Deep depression may ensue after reading this post.

Tonight I realized that in many respects, everyone is going to lose, no matter what the election results are. In particular, relationships with friends, family, and co-workers that are polarized will become even further antagonistic. Civil disruption will grow. It’s a pretty ugly picture.

If Joe Biden wins the election, the very future of our democracy will be at risk. Democrats will begin to shift governance to a socialist structure. Laws will be passed that will challenge the relevance of the Constitution. Those of us on the other side will begin to realize, if we haven’t already, that our way of life will be at risk. The Bill of Rights will be bypassed in numerous ways. Censorship will be common; gun bans will be initiated and religions will be further censured. We, on the Right, will finally be so angry and frustrated that we will feel compelled to take action; how that action will manifest is a serious concern. Political discussions that may have been avoided between people with adversarial views will now be out in the open. Polarization will intensify and relationships will be further degraded. The Right will feel that by electing Joe Biden (and by default, Kamala Harris), the Left has betrayed the country. And they will want to find a way to take our country back.

Celebrating One Year Of No Clinton Machine


The weekend is over and now starts the week of celebration of one year without the Clinton Machine in any kind of power. The highlight of the week will be Wednesday’s Scream Night for Snowflakes, but every day is a holiday for me. I encourage everyone to post this week about The End of the Clintons. So, let’s start this off right tonight with a great video.

If you want to see a leftist, hardcore, Obama-loving MSM reporter have a Trump breakdown live on camera, here you go. This was the day after the election, November 9, and the reporter has a night of disbelief, crying jags, and losing control written all over her face.


Quote of the Day: Treason


I’m taking this Ben Franklin quote from the musical 1776 that I watched on the 4th, as I do most years. I’m not certain whether he said it, but most of the lines in that movie are authentic, although frequently not in the place and time depicted, so I’m going to assume that Franklin actually said it. (If only there were some resource I could use to look up answers to these sorts of questions.)

“Treason… Treason is a charge invented by winners, as an excuse for hanging the losers.”

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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day The most shocking thing about President Trump’s Middle East tour is not the Arab League speech exhorting them to drive-out jihadists from their mosques. Nor, that Melania and Ivanka dressed in Riyadh as if they were in Rome, while in Rome they dressed as if they were […]

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for May 24, 2017 it’s the “Evil Losers” edition of the podcast, brought to you by SimpliSafe.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to the horrific terrorist attack that killed at least 22 people and was aimed at young concertgoers in Manchester, England.  They also discuss President Trump’s characterization of terrorists as “evil losers” and some of the social media reaction to the deadly blast.  And they point out how difficult it is to stop an attack like this and why the instinct to turn every public gathering place into a fortress is not the right answer.

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In the summer of 2012, I fell out of love with Conservatives. It was that summer that Professor Rahe was predicting a Romney landslide. It was that summer that my Ricofriends called me a nattering nabob. It was that summer that it became clear to me that Conservatives are delusional losers. Preview Open

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