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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for February 21, 2017, it’s the Trump Chaos and Media Hysteria edition of the show with our special guest Byron York.

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It is well known that dictatorial regimes employ religious symbolism to appropriate God to their secular causes. The National Socialists in Germany in the ’30s (i.e., the Nazis) were an outstanding example of this, endorsing “positive Christianity” and asserting that “God is with us” on propaganda posters. The Trump regime has now taken the next step on their road to ultimate power by sending the First Lady of the United States, whom many until now regarded as an innocent, simpleton concubine of the great leader, to lead a mass rally of sheep in the Lord’s Prayer as a preliminary to a Trump rally.

So it begins.

Ms. Trump’s choice of prayer, also known to Christians as the “Our Father,” was clearly a deliberate attempt to invoke the idea of the Fatherland. The prayer is filled with autocratic, monarchial imagery of a subservient people, thanking the leader for a crust of bread and begging for pardon from the king. Numerous observant SJWs noted that Melania Trump, dressed in bright red reminiscent of the Nazi flag, appeared to read the prayer, and that her middle European accent was comical when it wasn’t blood chilling. Some even suggested that her hair was more blonde than usual.