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The Beautiful Gardens of Kyoto


Asian culture, religions and countries have intrigued me for many years. In fact, I practiced Zen Buddhism for over 20 years and my husband grew bonsai plants. So as part of a trip abroad, primarily to visit our friends in Thailand, we decided to add a week for a trip to Kyoto, Japan.

The long-awaited Ricochet Harvard Lunch Club mug is here!

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Link Between Health and Income Not What Most Assume


040516ShealthSo there’s a major new study out that looks at health inequality. Among the findings are that (a) the very rich live a lot longer than the very poor, and (b) geography matters. From the Health Inequality Project:

The richest American men live 15 years longer than the poorest men, while the richest American women live 10 years longer than the poorest women. The gaps between the rich and the poor are growing rapidly over time. The richest Americans have gained approximately 3 years in longevity since 2000, but the poorest Americans have experienced no gains. … Life expectancy varies substantially across cities, especially for low-income people. For the poorest Americans, life expectancies are 6 years higher in New York than in Detroit. For the richest Americans, the difference is less than 1 year.

But health inequality is one thing, income inequality another. And the relationship might not be what many might automatically assume: