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Starting Thanksgiving Day Early


Don’t you just despise when the ads for Christmas come up in October!? I certainly do, although I love the secular celebrations of Christmas. But lately I’ve been in a funk, and I hate being there. It’s so boring and debilitating. I remembered, however, that not only is November my birthday month (which I celebrate for at least a month, although I usually start the month on my birthday), I figured that this year I would have a double blast: my birthday and Thanksgiving! Only I’d start Thanksgiving a month ahead of time! That’s almost two months total of rejoicing!

This will not be easy. Even now I want to complain about anything that comes into view. But I’m going to resist the temptation. No old-age complaints, no election complaints—well, see, I can’t stop myself! I know in the end, however, that a heavy burden will be lifted from my soul, and I will be freer to appreciate my life. Here are my plans for the next three weeks to celebrate Thanksgiving, starting now:

I will revel in the wonderful friends I have.