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A Second Proper Presidential Farewell and Send-Off


President Trump has twice now given a formal farewell to a senior member of his administration. You will recall the White House farewell for Ambassador Nikki Haley. On Friday, President Trump held another side-by-side sit-down farewell and exit interview. This time it was Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon.

The Linda McMahon ceremony was held at Mar-a-Lago. As with Ambassador Haley, Administrator McMahon sat side-by-side with President Trump. Instead of two chairs, they both sat on a couch, the upholstery in both settings being similar.

The President praised Linda McMahon and indicated she was leaving her post to take up a role in “the reelection.” He then conducted a sort of exit interview in front of the cameras, starting out “I’d like to know what has been your highlight, and what are some of the great things you’ve done, just so they all know [gestured to the press camaras], so that we can put it right on the record [smiles into the press camaras].” Linda McMahon, like Nikki Haley, was warmly appreciative of the opportunity to serve and proud of her service.

SBA Is Prime Swamp-Draining Real Estate


News broke yesswamp_fever_by_andreewallin-d36oonxterday that President-elect Donald Trump has tapped former wrestling executive Linda McMahon as leader of the Small Business Administration. The announcement immediately triggered sneering and snark from hipsters horrified that anyone related to trashy, macho, violent, misogynistic television would be allowed to sully the hallowed halls of the SBA. “What qualifications” they ask “does she have other than the fact that she donated $6 million to a super PAC funding Trump’s presidential campaign and $5 million to the Trump foundation?”

Actually, McMahon has served as the head of a joint venture which she founded called Women’s Leadership LIVE, which promotes opportunities for women in business and public service. This experience would seem to fit well with the SBA’s programs, including the Women’s Business Centers program and the 8(a) Business Development Program which steers federal contracts to businesses owned by women and minorities.