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Your questions were so good that Jim and Greg decided to take on three more today! In this edition, they address why supposed conservatives not only refused to support Donald Trump but stopped advocating for conservatism and openly embraced the Democrats while insisting they are still the principled ones. Then they discuss who they would choose as their running mates, with the condition that they cannot choose each other. Finally, they talk “Die Hard” – you knew it was going to come up! This time they are asked to rank the films in the series from best to worst.

Schmidt Versus Gabriel; Who Do You Got?


Never Trump likes to think of themselves as the thoughtful, reasoned, and above all principled(TM) alternative to MAGA. They are the wise, diplomatic Picards to MAGA’s boorish James T. Kirks. Which makes watching Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt’s descent into madness so compelling. And the most recent target of his outrage is our own fearless leader, Jon Gabriel. Who, according to Mr. Schmidt, is “a Christian Nationalist … an extremist and a fascist.”

The backstory is here. The TL;DR version is that Mr. Schmidt gets very, very testy when people point out that one of his Lincoln Project co-founders, John Weaver, had an unsavory interest in teenage boys and that this troubled the rest of his Lincoln Project cohorts about as much as teaching five-year-olds about gender ideology bothers Disney executives. After this and another recent Schmidt Twitter tirade against Sarah Palin (whom Schmidt called a “nut ball”) and Meghan McCain whom he called insane; Mr. Gabriel gently recommended Mr. Schmidt should perhaps seek help. And it was this that prompted Schmidt’s “Christian Nationalist, extremist, and fascist” riposte. Mr. Gabriel handled the insult with the class and aplomb we have come to expect.

Jim Geraghty is back! Today, he and Greg get a kick out of the sleazy Lincoln Project vowing to help Democrat Tim Ryan win the Ohio Senate race and Ryan’s team makes it clear they don’t want the group anywhere near the campaign. Jim sounds off as the Biden administration publicly confirms even more intelligence work directly connected to Ukrainian military operations, including the sinking of the Moskva. And outgoing Press Secretary Jen Psaki refuses to tell abortion protesters to stay away from the private residences of Supreme Court justices.

Join Greg and Ricochet.com Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel as they welcome fundraising and polling news that significantly contradicts the idea that overturning Roe v. Wade will move midterm momentum to the Democrats. They also shudder at reports the CDC as tracking our movements through our cell phones to make sure we were complying with lockdown orders. And they take aim at the Lincoln Project and others who pretended to be conservatives for many years but are now supposedly appalled at the idea of Roe being struck down. Of course it’s all just part of their ongoing efforts to fleece liberal donors in the name of opposing the political right.

Jim and Greg are back for the third round of their prestigious Three Martini Lunch Awards. Today, they discuss the worst scandals of 2021, with Jim choosing an international mess of epic proportions and Greg opting for a national security crisis much closer to home. Then, they reveal their choices for the best and worst political theater of 2021.


I Was Assaulted by Bipartisan Operatives Because of My Conservative Politics


In the very early hours yesterday morning, I was walking through a residential area of Casper, WY, in search of a discarded Bernie Sanders yard sign. From out of nowhere I was tackled from behind by two men in fleece vests and pastel polo shirts with extra starch. They knocked me to the ground shouting “An independent voice for Utah!” The phrase carried no meaning for me at the time but I’ve subsequently learned that it’s the slogan of Evan McMullin’s campaign for the US Senate.

I believe the attack was motivated by my outspoken support for Utah Senator Mike Lee.

Startled and with the wind knocked out of me, I observed that the two men quickly became winded themselves as they lamely attempted to strike me with Lincoln Project fly swatters ($10). Needless to say, as a conservative I take my physical fitness very seriously and easily overcame the two paunchy attackers by removing their loafers and beating them repeatedly about the face as they shouted “Save the USPS!” and “Stop! I’m David Frum!”

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Jonathan Swan of Axios for exposing Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s plan to free every federal inmate within a decade. They also blast President Biden for acting like tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is going to make any significant difference in energy policy or energy prices. And they unload on some of the worst grifters in politics – the Lincoln Project and Lin Wood.


Join Jim and Greg as they dissect new polls that show voters trusting Republicans more on several key issues and by wide margins.  They also roll their eyes at the climate summit in Scotland and at climate envoy John Kerry’s effort to end energy derived from coal altogether. And they unload at the Lincoln Project and its Democratic operative allies for Friday’s stunt aimed at looking like white supremacists were supporting the GOP candidate for governor in Virginia.

What’s the Social Credit Score in Your Wallet?


You are excused if you missed this story. “PayPal Partners With ADL (Anti-Defamation League) To ‘Fight Extremism And Hate’ By Researching, Disrupting Payments,” screamed the headline from Daily Caller, a conservative news site created by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson (he no longer controls it).

Perhaps you ignored it or drew a yawn from you. After all, you may have a Pay Pal account that has never had a problem and aren’t aware of ADL’s hard-left political activism. You may want to pay attention, especially if you’re a conservative who uses credit cards for certain contributions (such as the NRA) or purchases (like, purchasing a weapon for self-defense. And a lot of people are).

Jim and Greg welcome the funny but pointed denunciation of Critical Race Theory from Lousisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy. They also wonder why the U.S. left Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan without even telling our Afghan allies. And they roll their eyes as the Lincoln Project adds longtime Dem strategist Joe Trippi, essentially admitting it’s now nothing more than another left-wing group.

Join Jim and Greg as they close out the week grateful that three terrible stories are finally coming to light. First, they discuss the Cuomo administration admitting it delayed giving New York lawmakers the real numbers of COVID-related nursing home deaths because of how Trump and his administration might respond. They also unpack the latest horrifying details of Lincoln Project officials clearly knowing about John Weaver’s predatory ways and recklessly attacking anyone who criticizes them. And they react to lefties admitting that California’s love affair with progressive policies has been a massive failure.

Join Jim and Greg for three crazy martinis! First, they aim withering verbal fire at the writer for Yahoo News and The Atlantic, who compared covering the Trump administration to storming Omaha Beach. They also discuss the major, yet unsurprising, Associated Press revelations about how much the Lincoln Project leaders were pocketing from donors and when some of their officials really learned of allegations against John Weaver. And they point out that Joe Biden has exactly the opposite statement on China that he had during the campaign – right down to the metaphor.

Join Jim and Greg as they eagerly watch Democratic allies starting to publicly rail against California Gov. Gavin Newsom, as the recall efforts get close to a key milestone. They also wince at reports that the UK variant of COVID is more virulent that the original virus and will soon slam the U.S.  And they roll their eyes as they watch the members of The Lincoln Project pretends they barely knew co-founder John Weaver after the New York Times confirms that Weaver sexually preyed on at least 21 young men, including at least one minor.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three crazy martinis! They slam New York City schools for scrapping the entrance exam to the kindergarten-level gifted program because the results “don’t reflect the diversity of the city’s population.” They also discuss the allegations of sexual impropriety against longtime campaign manager John Weaver that forced him to quit the Lincoln Project. And Jim shreds CNN’s Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy for openly encouraging cable providers to dump right-leaning channels like OANN and Newsmax.

Join Jim and Greg as they wonder what could possibly qualify Pete Buttigieg to be the next Secretary of Transportation. They also react to Russian President Vladimir denying his government killed a prominent critic because his people would have finished the job. And they unload on the frauds at the Lincoln Project, who finally admit they’re now an anti-Republican outfit.

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Lincoln Project faces backlash for urging people to harass members of Trump’s legal team “Here are two attorneys attempting to help Trump overturn the will of the Pennsylvanian people,” the group tweeted, followed by their names, and their phone numbers and emails for work. After that, the group then said to “Make them famous.” They […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they wince at the prospect of Sen. Kamala Harris being one of Joe Biden’s heart beats away from the presidency if the Democratic ticket wins in November. They also applaud Sarah Palin for her magnanimous advice to Harris based on her experience as John McCain’s running mate in 2008. And they hammer the “true conservatives” at the Lincoln Project for lavishing praise on Harris and laugh as Bill Kristol suggests only Harris and Pence should debate.

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A thought came to me the other night. While not on the Lincoln was a tyrant bandwagon, I don’t reflexively think he’s one of the greatest Presidents anymore either. For one, I used to think he was justified in suspending habeas corpus, it’s in the Constitution. Then someone pointed out that it’s in Article I, […]

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