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Nothing but crazy martinis today! First, Jim and Greg react to news that former Republican, Democrat, and independent Lincoln Chafee is now a Libertarian and thinking about running for president with his new party in 2020. They also slam the Democratic National Committee for recoiling at the idea of Politico’s Tim Alberta asking questions at the December presidential debate because he spent a year writing for National Review. And they examine South Dakota’s attention-grabbing drug prevention campaign entitled, “Meth. I’m On It.”

Proudest Enemy? Please.


During Tuesday’s debate, Democrats were asked which enemy they were most proud of making. Lincoln Chaffee claimed the coal lobby; Martin O’Malley cited the NRA; Hillary Clinton agreed with O’Malley, but added “the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians, probably the Republicans;” Senator Bernie Sanders claimed Wall Street and the pharmaceutical Industry as being “at the top of my list;” and Jim Webb said it was the man who threw a grenade that would have killed a US Marine were it not for Webb’s heroism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t48MyL5QdAc

Naturally, Webb’s answer was unwelcome in a Democratic Party that often seems ashamed of Western Civilization, and of any efforts spent defending (or worse, expanding) it. Webb is the candidate for the people whom the Democratic party left. Another good answer would have been to reject the question.

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So: the rules for online play: There are three ways to score. First, put in one comment of up to 250 words your best “why I am a conservative” or “why I am a Republican” story. Vote on the best by liking it. The best three get, respectively, 6, 4, and 2 points.  Preview Open

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So, it’s on Tuesday, 9pm EST. Snow White and Grumpy, Commie, Whitey, Doc*, and maybe dopey. I’m hosting a watch party in Madison. If you’re nearby, it’d be great to see you. If you’re not nearby, it would still be great to see you, and I have a spare room. I have one spare room, though, so, […]

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Game of Inches


Al-pacino-Motivational-Speech-Any-Given-SundayFormer Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee entered the Democratic side of the presidential sweepstakes yesterday. About his candidacy: Chafee’s also a former U.S. Senator and a former Republican. The niche he hopes to occupy: voting against Iraqi war authorization back in his days in Washington (at the time, the only Republican to do so) — which Hillary Clinton obviously did not.

Many of Chafee’s positions are boiler-plate Democratic: he’s pro-choice, signed bills legalizing same-sex marriage and addressing climate change while he was the Ocean State’s governor, and he’s in favor of a higher minimum wage and minimal tinkering with Obamacare. But there is one position where Chafee breaks with political orthodoxy: he wants to convert America to the metric system. In 1975, the federal government adopted metric as the nation’s “preferred measurement system” – at the time, establishing the United States Metric Board to manage the transition.

However, the movement metered, er, petered out not long afterwards. To quote the fictional Dr. Sheldon Cooper: “Blame President James “Jimmy” Carter. He started America on a path to the metric system but then just gave up. He wonders why he was a one-term president.”

Lincoln Chafee Wants to Be Your Metric Ruler

Lincoln Chafee

“How many kilometers does this get to the liter?”

Democrats have found their answer to the smoldering sex appeal of George Pataki. Ex-senator, ex-governor, and ex-Republican Lincoln Chafee announced Wednesday that he is running for the Democratic nomination. The entry puzzled political observers and even allies in Chafee’s home state of Rhode Island.