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Join Jim and Greg for an all-crazy edition! They discuss additional evidence that Lin Wood cost Republicans the Senate, a New York Times columnist calling for a government “reality czar,” and Elon Musk working towards a brain chip to create “symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence.”

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Good for Nick Sandmann


I think that the media’s treatment of Nick Sandmann and the Convington Catholic kids was one of the worst things of the last four years. Sandmann was right to sue for defamation, and I hope that he got millions in his settlements. I am also very glad that he shows more courage and maturity than a lot of people by speaking the truth and calling out craziness.


Join Jim and Greg as they discuss a new Georgia investigation into efforts to register the dead and other ineligible voters for the January Senate runoffs. They also react to attorney Lin Wood telling Republicans not to vote in the runoffs unless the two GOP senators publicly demand a special session of the legislature to address issues in the presidential race. And they roll their eyes as Los Angeles tells people not to interact with anyone outside their own homes and two more mayors prove themselves to be massive hypocrites on COVID restrictions.