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Reason’s Nick Gillespie – Is Trump Bad for Libertarianism?


Nick GillespieWhen it comes to tackling regulations (Title 9, Obamacare, small business, etc.) Trump has many Libertarians applauding. So why does Reason’s Nick Gillespie suggest Trump may be bad for the Libertarian cause? Nick is currently the Contributing Editor of Reason.com and the Editor-in-Chief at Reason.tv, the home of Free Minds and Free Markets. We discuss entitlements, Libertarianism as a governing body, limited government in the age of Trump and much more. You can (and should) find Nick on Twitter and Facebook. Special thanks to virtuoso pianist Hyperion Knight for his beautiful background music taped at the Freedom Fest Convention at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

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Larry Elder: The Sage of South Central


Libertarian talk show host and best selling author Larry Elder, “The Sage Of South Central,” joins us at Whiskey Politics and tears it up! Larry is heard on over 300 radio stations on the Salem Media Network and is regularly featured on all major television news networks. Larry shares his thoughts on states rights, health care, Trump’s first six months, the media’s double standards and bias, his touching story from his book Dear Father, Dear Son about reconciliation with his Father. Of course, it’s Larry Elder, so we finished up with his outrage once again targeting O.J. Simpson, the response from the black community and what, if anything, has improved with race relations in the past 20 years.

Taped at Freedom Fest with the great Hyperion Knight in the background playing piano. Please subscribe to Whiskey Politics at YouTube and our audio podcasts at iTunesStitcher or GooglePlay where your 5-star rating would be appreciated! (iTunes especially!) In: Little Green Bag, George Baker Selection. Out: Way Back Home Jr. Walker & The Allstars (Larry Elder’s Theme Song). Produced by Praemonitus Communications, pictures by Thompson Clicks Photos.


Beware the “Libertarians”


johnson-weldIf there was ever a year for a frustrated conservatarian to consider voting for the Libertarian Party ticket, 2016 would seem to be a godsend: Trump and Clinton are … well, no need to rehash this … and the Libertarians have nominated not one but two former Republican governors. But as Ilya Shapiro writes on Cato at Liberty, the theory of the Johnson-Weld ticket and its reality diverge greatly, and not in a way that pays any compliments to the latter:

[In this recent] ReasonTV interview … Weld praises Justice Stephen Breyer and Judge Merrick Garland, who are the jurists most deferential to the government on everything, whether environmental regulation or civil liberties. Later in the same interview, he similarly compliments Republican senators like Mark Kirk and Susan Collins, who are among the least libertarian of the GOP caucus in terms of the size and scope of government and its imposition on the private sector and civil society.


Confessions of a Reluctant Immigration Hawk


shutterstock_220487467Some issues make for uncomfortable alliances. As a supporter of across-the-board drug legalization, I have often felt the desire to throw my hands up in despair at the inanities of unserious stoner activists and of the hipster libertarians who have raised the narrow issue of cannabis to the position of a sine qua non in order to excuse themselves from voting for conservative candidates who violate their cultural expectations. Many in the latter group are classical liberals for whom I have a great deal of respect, even if disagree with them on this specific issue, who libertarians should want to work with.

Increasingly, I feel much the same way about conservatives and immigration. While I continue to maintain that lower rates of immigration from Latin America will be necessary to reverse the balkanizing trends causing so much dysfunction in America’s political system, this is a position that I am forced to hold with no small degree of reluctance and circumspection. This apprehension does not have to do solely with the nature of the ideological company I am forced to keep — company which ranges from well-intentioned fellow conservatives who persist in making the worst arguments for an otherwise defensible position — down to unapologetic Trump supporters, and even genuine racists on the Alt-Right and PaleoCon fringes.


An Open Letter to Republicans


shutterstock_69030448For as long as I’ve been eligible to vote, I’ve been registered as a Republican. Through highs and lows (and more lows), I have maintained that party registration, even as my political and philosophical leanings have brought me from conservatism to libertarianism. In theory, the Republican Party was the conservative party and, to me, there was enough of an overlap in the Venn diagram between conservatives and libertarians to allow me to stay. I stuck around because I believed that there was a space for me in the Republican Party. And there was: Libertarians were a small part of the party, but an accepted part nonetheless.

Last night, that all changed. After Donald Trump’s victory in Indiana and Senator Ted Cruz’s withdrawal from the race, it’s clear that Trump will be the Republican nominee. And so, last night, I filled out the form to change my party registration.