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Join Jim and Greg as they discuss Senate Republicans’ refusal to raise taxes to pay for Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill, the results of the Virginia Democratic primary, and a new study showing the unlikeliness of bipartisan friendships.

Can conservative principles adapt to appeal to younger generations and minorities? What are realistic conservative policy goals for the 21st century? Is there a future for an inclusive, equal opportunity-oriented conservative movement?

Patrick Ruffini from Echelon Insights, a next-generation polling, analytics, and intelligence firm, joins American Wonk to discuss. Patrick has a background as a political-digital practitioner in GOP politics and is an expert on political, demographic, and technology trends.

San Francisco Is Pure Hell


It is a bit of a cliché to say that San Francisco is a hellhole.

I remember reading in conservative blogs back in the mid-2000s about gay pride parades in the Castro district in which men would masturbate out of windows and on to passersby as part of the procession. When I moved down there in 2008 and worked for the Business section of the San Francisco Examiner, I remember walking through Van Ness and seeing a big, thick, and unmistakably human turd right there on the sidewalk.

David French (The Dispatch, Time) stops in to talk about his latest book Divided We Fall: America’s Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation. He and Bridget cover how he sources his news, the liberation of shedding the partisan mindset and meeting in the wasteland of the center, the rise of journavism, being expelled from your tribe, taking precautions against being “swatted” by online trolls, and the times they wonder if it’s worth it. They discuss the differences between this election and 2016, take issue with the idea of voting for “the lesser of two evils” when the response should be “don’t vote for evil,” examine how our rage and hatred are what will destroy our country, and ask the question, what kind of country do we aspire to and how should I behave as a human being to try and reach this aspiration?

Felecia Killings is the founder and visionary of the Conscious Conservative Movement which wants to empower people who are looking to expand the authentic conservative space, and to go back to the principles of conservatism and spiritual understanding. She and Bridget delve into the complex topic of Black Conservatism, what it looks like today, why Felecia was primarily getting attacked by black conservative influencers, the fact that the black community is not a monolith, and that a lot of people in that community are politically homeless at the moment. They discuss the history of the Republican Party and black voters, where Felecia thinks opportunities are being missed to reach black communities, why fellowship, knowing history, and asking questions that leave aside the talking points is a better way to do things than the current strategies, and why people on the fringes of both parties are the ones that get the attention and the platforms. Learn more about the movement and Felecia’s body of work at feleciakillings.org.

Jonah Goldberg is a syndicated conservative columnist, political analyst, commentator, podcast host, and author of Bridget’s Bible: Suicide of the West. Jonah shares how his upbringing in a media and politics-heavy household shaped his future, and gave him a realistic perspective about politics and the media that most people don’t have. He and Bridget discuss the dangers a generation of children pose when they’ve been raised to believe that their feelings are the only source of authority they need, why middle-aged managers are terrified of their “woke” 20-something staffers, and how fragility is being taught rather than mental toughness. They cover young conservatives being led to believe that it’s cool to be a**holes, why not allowing people to grow or change their positions is not a good practice, how Americans are much richer than they realize, and why Twitter makes you feel like you’re living in a small town where everyone’s in your business. Check out his podcast The Remnant.

Full transcript available here: WiW67-JonahGoldberg-Transcript

Michael Malice, author of The New Right, returns for a wild discussion covering everything from Americans’ naive ideas about people in power, why he blocks his fans on Twitter, his vision of the future, and the etymology of the term “c*m gutters”. He and Bridget debate whether Trump radiates BDE or suffers from a SDE inferiority complex, marvel at how many people have jumped on the “burn it all down” train, share their addiction to watching people get outraged, and muse about whether they are insufferable or endearing. You decide, in this episode that covers everything from Albert Camus’ Absurdist philosophy, to Bridget’s life philosophy that she’s just another soon-to-be-dead Bridget, how trying to position someone as “beyond criticism” is a domination tactic, and why the sanctity of life is a relatively new idea.

Full transcript available here: WiW61-MichaelMalice-Transcript

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club political podcast for May 29, 2019. It is the Average White Man edition of the show with your well above average white men hosts radio guy Todd Feinburg and AI guy Mike Stopa. This week’s edition, number 226 (!!!!), features tales of white men and black men, heroism and infamy, glory and shame.

First, the race within the race: research shows that the Democrats would prefer a female to a male presidential candidate, a person of color to a caucasian. So why then are the leading Dem candidates average white (old) males? We discuss.

Let the Hate (and Love) Flow Through: Notes from Politicon 2018


Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and the alphabets are entertainment. Watch these channels with the sound off, maybe after a whiskey, and you will see it clearly. These are trained actors who have perfected outrage by reading political lines under the guise of informing. Cable news benefits from dividing us, continually. This has led to folks on both sides to become more intransigent, more entrenched. Our anger is palpable. It’s cancer. However, once we leave our tv’s, and are removed from the Twitter-verse, facebook and other social media, people are people. We all live and breath the same air, send our kids to the same schools and root the same home team (Go Dodgers!) Yet at cocktail parties, or events where mixed political company attend, many of us head to toward like-minded souls where we can vent our frustrations about whatever outrage the other side did today.

Case in point: Politicon 2018. Charlie Kirk told me “Politicon is Twitter in real life.” It’s an annual event held in Southern California (the last three years in Pasadena and this year in downtown Los Angeles at the sprawling LA Convention Center). The two days of panels, debates, and raucous main events feature the leading politicos from both Left and Right. Where else in America can people come and watch (deep breath) Tucker Carlson, Touré, Dennis Rodman, Ben Shapiro, Alyssa Milano, Adam Carolla, Ben Rhodes, Charlie Kirk, Hasan Piker, Joy Reid, Ann Coulter, James Carville, Michael Steele, Cenk Uygur, Dan Bongino, Sally Kohn, Andrew Klavan, Ana Kasparian, Michael Knowles, Elisha Kraus, and even a handful of Never Trumpers like Bill Kristol, David Frum, Jennifer Rubin, and Ana Navarro. By the way, this is probably not even a tenth of the speaker’s list.

Waiting for a panel to begin (the gross Michael Avenatti and certifiable Kathy Griffin) I was seated next to a 50-something couple. The woman said something about “we need less testosterone at the top.” I was in a playful mood so I bit.

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Rush will probably sue me for posting this transcript, but what the heck (from Rush 24/7): CALLER: Yeah, and I have some friends back there. People are apparently losing their minds right now in some of the predictable ways. But the question I wanted to ask you, Rush, is: Look, obviously this whole hearing is […]

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for July 25, 2018 number 185!!! it’s the Theybie Morons edition of the show with your definitely not-moronic hosts, radio guy Todd Feinburg and dedicated AI-bot Mike Stopa.

This week we bring you two topics from the culture wars, the gender wars, the what are they doing to that baby?!? wars.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast number 176 (gads!) it’s the Lib on Lib edition of the show with you Conservative on Conservative hosts Todd Feinburg, radio guy, and Mike Stopa, nano-artificial-intelligencist. Welcome. Yes, welcome!

This week we discuss the lovely noises and gnashing of teeth that ensues when liberals face off against other liberals. In a couple of elections in the northeast (Massachusetts and Connecticut to be exact) two Black/Latino/gay politicians and labor organizers are squaring off against the white Democrat establishment in the state. These two challengers – Ayanna Pressley against sitting congressman Mike Capuano and Eva Bermudez Simmerman against Susan Bysiewicz for CT lieutenant governor  – have decided to just wander off – Wander Off! – the Democrat plantation, *They* say that the Democrats are not doing enough for Blacks and Latinos! *They* say that Blacks and Latinos owe no special allegiance to the Democrat Party.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club number 173 it’s the Trump Love edition of the podcast with your ever so charming hosts, Todd Feinburg radio guy and Mike Stopa nanophysicist!

Today our topics are (1) What gives with Mueller already? What gives with the media blowing up every last gasp of hope that they will finally find the smoking gun to *bring him down*??? Enough already. And (2) IF (IF, IF, IF, IF) kim gives up his nukes, will Sweden allow him into the country to collect his Nobel Peace Prize and, more importantly, what drug will be strong enough for the GOP foreign policy elite #NeverTrumpers?

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At National Review Online, I write about Penn State University barring its Outing Club from doing what the club was created to do and has been doing for 98 years — off campus outings. The disallowed activities are less dangerous than many on-campus activities that students undertake daily. What gives? An excerpt: Preview Open

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Welcome to the HLC podcast number 170 (gads!) its the Early Morning Raid edition, with your law and order hosts radio guy Todd Feinburg and nanophysicst come artificial intelligence bot Mike Stopa.

This week we discuss the new Chappaquiddick movie and the raid on Michael Cohen’s offices. Todd has seen the movie, Mike has not. We’re both appalled (though Mike more so) by the Mueller loose cannon.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are fully aware that Democrats may have a good year in the midterms but Tuesday’s primary results suggest the Democrats still have a long way to go in Texas.  However, they don’t like the departure of chief Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn and they really don’t like that Trump’s surprise announcement on new tariffs is the reason for it.  And they confront a growing trend on the left demonizing people for driving or even having cars.  Jim points out it’s because urban liberals cannot fathom that anyone lives a different way than they do and Greg suggests that when lefties decide they don’t want something then no one else is allowed to have it either.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast, number 163, for February 22, 2018, it’s the California Dreamers edition of the show with your faithful hosts, Todd Feinburg, radio guy and Mike Stopa, nanophysicist. This week we explore two very juicy topics that will get you furious at the riggers and the schemers. First, California, according to a report released by the Census Department, now has the highest poverty rate in the United States – just edging Arizona. The main stream media appears to be totally flummoxed as to how that could happen. Isn’t California liberal *enough*??? Don’t they tax and redistribute more energetically than any state in the nation? What could possibly have gone wrong? It couldn’t have anything to do with, you know, the fact that they import poverty from Latin America at record setting levels, could it?

And speaking of importing poverty from Mexico and beyond, how does it stand now with the Dreamers that the latest push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform a.k.a. illegal alien amnesty has gone nowhere in the Senate? The Dreamers are now saying that they cannot accept amnesty if it means that their parents have to go back to where they came from. Alas, no one is yet demanding that they do so…but some day perhaps.