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Remembering Who We Are—D.C. McAllister


When I heard Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s comments about African Americans and their dependence on government, I reacted the same way as I imagine many of you did. “Oh no. . . just what we need. . . . now we’re all racists.”

Many on the right have been rallying around Bundy and his stand against the federal government over grazing rights, but when he made a speech this week comparing the condition of blacks under slavery to their dependency on the government, several GOP politicians distanced themselves from him. Who can blame them, given this politically correct environment? 

My Vox Resume — Frank Soto


Ezra Klein’s new website Vox has been the subject of a great deal of mockery on the right (and even some on the left). The site claims to be able to teach you “Everything you need to know” about a wide range of topics.

Critics have asked Klein how he determines what people “need” to know, in the vain hope of getting an answer aside from naked partisan hackery. His response appears to be that he goes only where the empirical data takes him … which is naturally down a path of unbridled leftism. We conservatives apparently allow our pre-conceived notions to interfere with our interpretation of facts. Liberals naturally do not suffer from this affliction.

Liberalism Is Eating Itself — Jon Gabriel


The Ouroboros is an ancient image showing a large serpent consuming its own tail. Venerated by Greeks, Egyptians and Norsemen of yore, it serves as an apt metaphor for modern American liberalism.

The Democratic coalition was largely built on grievance politics. For decades, progressive leaders divided Americans into subgroups based on race, gender, class, age and sexual orientation. Political leaders were the first to stoke this fire, but educators soon joined in, as did the media, NGOs, big business and popular culture.

Pride Goeth …


President Obama today, in Rose Garden remarks touting more than 7 million Americans signing up for healthcare during ObamCare’s open enrollment period:

I’ve said before, I will always work with anyone who is willing to make this law work even better.  But the debate over repealing this law is over.  The Affordable Care Act is here to stay. 

Bask in the Crazy: Pacifists — Frank Soto


Though the bulk of a conservative’s time engaging liberal arguments is best spent addressing their most pointed and nuanced positions, I believe we should occasionally indulge ourselves by reveling in their worst arguments and fringe elements. Today, we tackle those who believe that violence never solves anything.

 And by tackle, I mean literally run up and tackle them, since we know they won’t fight back. I was reading a Washington Post piece recently that contained an interview with Hamid Karzai, when I stumbled upon this gem of a quote.

Member Post


Last month I wrote about the great news that Henry Waxman is retiring (in a post now disappeared into Ricochet purgatory) and about his contest with Gilead Sciences over HIV “cures.”  HW touted his role in making HIV/AIDS a national issue and which, in turn, produced progress toward effective treatments.  What a crock! HW is […]

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Missing Communism (A Bit) — by Steve Manacek


The unfolding drama in the Ukraine brings back memories — for those of us old enough to remember it — of the bad old era of Brezhnev and the Evil Empire. But also a certain nostalgia. Because, in those days, the badness of the USSR was understood — by most people not living on university campuses — to flow in large part directly from its (leftist) ideology. If the State is responsible for everything, then the State can do anything — and ultimately will.

While the better sort of classical liberals — the Moynihans — took care to point out that they believed there were things the State should not be responsible for, most ordinary people intuitively understood that if you pushed leftism beyond a certain point, bad things would happen. In effect, the Soviet Union stood as a kind of grim specter behind leftism, providing an ever-present reality check to liberal visions of the beneficent State. Whenever the true nature of the Soviet Union intruded into the consciousness of large numbers of Americans, conservatives, while sincerely empathizing with whoever the victims were, at least had the satisfaction of seeing their core beliefs validated, their ideas, arguments, and personalities taken a bit more seriously, and those of their opponents to some degree discredited.