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Renaming the Mainstream Media


This morning as I strode on the treadmill, I realized that David Harsanyi, on his podcast with Mollie Hemingway, You’re Wrong, planted a seed in my brain for a brand-new and more appropriate name for the mainstream media. Let me share how important I think this re-labeling will be for the foreseeable future.

Most of us on the Right refer to the mainstream media, or MSM, as newspapers that used to take pride in mostly publishing the news. Part of their purpose was supposedly to give us the truth, an objective rendition of what was happening in the world. (I know there are some who would debate this purpose, and we can certainly discuss that disagreement.) The New York Times and Washington Post in particular were supposed to be the bastions of newspapers everywhere, because they had the ability to position reporters all over the world. We trusted them, relied on them (foolishly, or not) to give us the facts, although we’ve known for a while that they were biased to the benefit of the Left.

In the last several years, though, these newspapers and those who genuflect to them have made their biases unequivocally clear. They are the handmaidens to the Left, although it’s unclear whether the Left or the media are the ones who are making the demands. Recently (it seems to me), the term “legacy media” has been used. Some people claim that this word is being used to suggest that the print media is archaic, and that we will be getting all of our news online; I suspect they may be right. Although I couldn’t help wondering whether the word “legacy” was also being used to suggest a format that was handed down from a long and venerable tradition.

Media Blackout on the Miraculous Decline in Uttar Pradesh COVID-19 Cases


I’ve spent the last three hours online trying to debunk an article I read in The Desert Review, a publication based in southern California which describes itself as an “award winning, locally owned, and independent online news source.” The article in question is one of a series called “India’s Ivermectin Blackout – Part V: The Secret Revealed” written by Justus R. Hope, MD.

Either I’ve missed some key information or the article is accurate. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

Member Post


I’ve long felt that referring to ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN as ‘mainstream media’ grants them unearned credibility and effectively accepts their claims to be professional journalists and honest brokers of news, even though they often push false, leftist narratives and agendas. But to respond by calling them ‘lamestream’ strikes me as a juvenile insult. […]

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