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Join Jim and Greg as they welcome a new poll showing Americans are far more negative towards President Biden’s big government spending binge once they know tax hikes would be part of it. They also cringe as China repeatedly threatens Taiwan by sending dozens of fighters and bombers over the island. And they discuss the leftist activists who chased Sen. Sinema into the bathroom to air their political grievances with her and how the activists are receiving virtually no condemnation in the media or elsewhere on the left.

Democrat Regime “Whitesplains” to Blacks in Harlem


Make them own it. The Democratic Party, in the administrative state, the Congress, and the White House, is all in on Critical Race Theory and acknowledging white privilege as part of “anti-racism.” So, how is it that the Senate, White House, and administrative state, medical wing, sent two white women and an old white man to whitesplain experimental, emergency authorization vaccinations to Black people in Harlem?

Can Jill Biden help move the needle on vaccination rates?

Leftist Lies Show Desperation


The left lies. Effortlessly. Some lies are clever and some clumsy. The McNews (USAToday) lie in the form of a “fact check” is Clouseau clumsy. It is desperate because President Trump seriously threatens the left’s lazy lock on voters with darker skin. See for yourself.

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As it happens, at Church this morning we had a visitor whose native language was Hungarian.  I much enjoyed our conversation. He took a medical degree and is now doing medical research for a US pharmaceutical company,  He has lived for some years in the deep south but, for business reasons, frequently spends time up […]

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  Xavier Amador was recommended to me by a friend; I thought he was going to be some sort of alternative Guru, but he’s a clinical psychologist who works with major mental illness. This is his TED talk on YouTube about dealing with mentally ill people who will not “admit” they are sick and need help—clinically defined as “anasognosia.”  […]

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More Shootings, More Divorces, More Single Parent Homes


What if we are looking at this incorrectly? What if the number of shootings per year in the last 70 years is X and that corresponds to an average population of 250 million people. Now, we have 350 million people and so we should expect that X to be correspondingly larger in raw numbers — everything else being the same.

Now, here’s my question: what if the actual phenomenon correlates better with, rather than the total population, the population of single-parent homes or homes with children of divorced parents?

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Okay, I confess I read some headlines on Drudge and other sources that really ticked me off. Brace yourselves, here it comes . . . I’m fed up with you dried-up, rail-thin sticks from Hollywood who call yourselves women ragging on SHS. Sure, Sarah’s a little on the plump side, and she dresses differently than […]

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Advice to Trump Critics: Breathe


breathing-3-633x319My latest column for USA Today explores the beltway class’s hysterical outrage every time Donald Trump gives a speech, takes a meeting, or tweets, well, anything.

His detractors were outraged by how long it took Trump to make Cabinet nominations, then a few days later switched their outrage to his actual choices.

They were outraged that a tiny meeting of “alt-right” racists praised him. When Trump condemned the wannabe Nazis, the press blamed his supporters for falling for “fake news” and something called “Pizzagate.”

The National Socialist Contagion of the American Left


anti-trump-protestPerhaps the most infuriating accusation spewed by leftists over the years has been to equate Republican Presidents with Hitler and their followers as fascists, or more recently, as a “basket of deplorables” who are “irredeemable.” Such charges are drenched with the intellectual dyslexia that dominates classrooms, newsrooms, and entertainment chat rooms where reductio ad Hitlerum rhetoric (Leo Strauss’s phrase) displaces reasoned argument. In fact, America’s leftists see fascists everywhere except among their own ranks. Thus, Barack Obama’s pen and phone dictates, IRS perfidies, EPA commands, Supreme Court interpretive travesties of statutes and the constitution, elite media’s blinkered broadcasting proclivities, and leftie-inspired mob actions are all invisible by leftist standards; only Republicans and their ilk on the “right” constitute dangers to America.

This is all preposterous, of course, and especially galling to Americans who are committed to constitutional government but find themselves constantly accused of favoring policies that are exactly the opposite of what they believe. America’s leftists would do well to explore historical analogues to their own views and actions before blithely continuing autopilot recriminations against anyone who opposes well-known elite orthodoxy. Such digging certainly unearths the likes of Marx, Mao, Alinsky, and most recently, Castro, but more disturbingly, investigators find themselves marching on a path laid by Himmler, Heydrich, Goebbels, and Göring, along with the leader who inspired them all. Before this thought ignites a supernova of exploding heads that will destroy the universe, consider the following progression that defined Germany’s experience between the world wars — grievance culture, identity politics, statism — and offer comments about left-wing political habits today.

The grievance culture in Germany between the wars is of course one of the most thoroughly probed subjects in modern times. The overriding point is that the German experience was based on something very real and deadly serious involving the entire population — huge loses in lives, territory, savings, civil peace, ravages of the Great Depression — which culminated in establishing Hitler’s regime. Germany’s grievance culture was existentially threatening and demanded immediate action.

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Debating lefties is tough. For one thing, you risk losing a friendship.  And lefties often get huffy and angry when you disagree with them, and pretty soon into the conversation they start swearing.  It usually gets messy, and so the incentive is to never talk politics again. Preview Open

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Opening, Closing, or Losing an American Mind?


The-Righteous-Mind-Cover1I joined Ricochet as part of a personal, spiritual project—-though a liberal, I had come to see political polarization as an obstacle to what I believe to be not only my calling but the highest human calling: love one another.

Jonathan Haidt’s book, The Righteous Mind, had convinced me that liberals have to talk to conservatives and conservatives have to converse with liberals, or the country as a whole will become stupider and uglier. This makes civil dialogue between liberals and conservatives (and everyone in between) into a serious patriotic duty. Indeed, since I am unlikely to be asked to defend my country by force of arms, engaging in such dialogue may be the sole contribution I can make to the great American experiment.

“Center-right” describes (loosely) a much wider range of orientations and opinions than I had dreamed possible before joining. Folks on Ricochet do not agree about everything (to put it mildly). I admire the intellectual diversity I’ve found here, and applaud my fellow members for their willingness to hang in there and keep talking even when passions are aroused and the debate is unlikely to be resolved to everyone’s (or anyone’s) entire satisfaction. I have learned a lot about good conversation—-not just in terms of more and better content, but technique and tenacity too—-from you.

Conservative Turns Tables, Wins Lefty Video Contest to Oppose ‘Big Money in Our Politics’


Tom Steyer Ad 2014A funny thing happened to a video contest put on by lefties to highlight the scourge of big money in politics. A conservative video won!

The video with the most votes — by a factor of 20 — highlighted the influence of the biggest individual spender in American politics today: Billionaire left-wing activist Tom Steyer. But we should expect that victory by popular acclaim to be erased from memory by the leftists, Soviet-style. Let me explain.

MoveOn.org and MayDay.us asked the public to “make a 30-second ad to wake up America to the crisis of big money in our politics.” BTW: MayDay.us is a SuperPAC that brags of raising $10.6 million so far this election cycle to… wait for it… “reduce the influence of money in politics.”


Climate Change, Overpopulation Fears Are a Bad Mix for the Left


Global birthrates are declining, but not fast enough for some environmentalists and climate-change worriers.  A new piece by New York Times economics columnist Eduardo Porter suggests one way to reduce carbon emissions is by reducing population growth.  Porter writes: “As the threat of climate change has evolved from a fuzzy faraway concept to one of the central existential threats to humanity, [some scholars] have noted that reducing the burning of fossil fuels might be easier if there were fewer of us consuming them.”  He quotes one expert as saying:

“There is a strong case to be made that the world faces sustainability issues whether it has nine billion people, seven billion people or four billion people,” said John Wilmoth, who directs the United Nations Population Division. “Nobody can deny that population growth is a major driving factor, but in terms of the policy response, what are you going to do?”

We Need a New Name for Liberals — Jon Gabriel


Earlier this week, liberals forced out the CEO of tech company Mozilla for privately holding common but unfashionable political views. Liberals continue to hound the owners of Hobby Lobby for defending their religious liberty, and also harass the libertarian Koch Brothers for supporting liberty-friendly causes.

Every week it becomes more obvious that liberals are not liberal in any way shape or form.