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Truth or Fantasy?


When we look at the fields of psychiatry and psychology, some say those who enter these fields are often the most troubled of our society. In the case of this psychiatrist, I think she didn’t spend enough time trying to get healthy, and she is determined to spread her disease to every person she can reach.

In a story about Dr. Aruna Khilanani, we learn that no matter how many degrees a person has, he or she can become a purveyor of mental illness and hatred. Dr. Khilanani provided a lecture for Yale University, and her sickness was on display for everyone to hear. Bari Weiss received access to the doctor’s talk and you can hear the whole lecture here. Essentially the doctor shared with her audience her unscientific, racist, and hateful attitudes towards white people in general. She felt no need to defend her positions, but instead criticized Bari Weiss, who received access to the taped lecture before the doctor did. Judging from the quality of the recording, it’s possible that it was recorded by someone who attended the event.

To demonstrate that there is no mistaking her unprofessional and distorted views of the white population, these were some of her remarks, including its location on the audio:

Enviro-Fascism for Toddlers


My kindergartner (ok, not a toddler, per se) is watching some Nickelodeon show called “Rainbow Rangers.” I only paid attention to the background noise until I heard something infuriating.  Their happy little home was experiencing earthquakes; very odd, since they’re not on a fault line. What could possibly be causing this destruction to their home?

Why, fracking, of course. “Scientists say that it’s bad for the environment.” The fracking manager lays booby traps and is, of course, as evil as possible. Undeterred, the Rainbow Rangers show him a better way to generate energy: windmills! Never mentioned, of course, is that wind energy is incredibly inefficient and saves no money long term, to say nothing of the impact (pardon the pun) on fowl-life.

Losing the ‘Narrative’ Narrative?


Foucault mis readerIn the process of critically assessing the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” an author at The Spectator managed to misread Foucault. Please hang in there! I promise this is worth your while. I offer some helpful context for the “1619 Project,” and show that it is very vulnerable to attack from a post-modern icon. You need not trot out conservative arguments that fall on deaf ears. You can turn Foucault on the New York Times.

John Hinderaker, of Power Line Blog, offered a commonsense analysis of the NYT “racism” narrative:

A normal person might wonder why the Democratic Party, in the person of the New York Times, is so obsessed with slavery, which was abolished 154 years ago. Isn’t it time to move on? Forty or fifty years ago, that is what just about everyone thought. But the Times, on behalf of the Democratic Party, is trying to stir up race hatred. Democrats think racial hostility is essential to defeating President Trump in 2020–their paramount goal, next to which everything else is an afterthought. They face a problem, in that Trump has been the best president for blacks, certainly since Reagan, maybe forever. So, they say, let’s focus on 1619. And then go out and vote for Democrats, the party of slavery and Jim Crow.

Member Post


As they often do, the Left has once again struck its proverbial foot in its mouth. They can’t decide who their enemies are, so they strafe bullets wherever they can. The latest brouhaha is in San Francisco. And they are attacking one of the Founders I admire most: George Washington. Sort of. Preview Open

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