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A veteran came into a local veteran organization bar (“canteen”) and turned the closest television set to Univision in English, that is a leftist local channel. As the left has now decided that vaping (enjoyed by so many millenials and Gen-Z) must be bad because Orange Man Bad, there was a segment pedaling the left’s […]

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Leftist History over American Herstory


Just where does an American-based corporation and their rich, male, former jock, brand representative get off imposing history over the narrative of a woman? I had thought we were past powerful privileged men silencing, dismissing, and trivializing herstory. Yet here we are, with another patriarchal pack mansplaining a woman’s original work. The corporate leadership of Nike, following the lead of Colin Kaepernick, have branded Betsy Ross’s original flag design a white supremacist symbol.

Leftist propaganda organs have amplified this slander, claiming white supremacist groups use the original flag design to signify rejecting the post-Civil War constitutional amendments. The left’s real objection, of course, is to the actual history, the Declaration of Independence that they despise, assigning to it the same strained and stained meaning claimed by the black-robed bigot, Chief (In)Justice Taney in the fraudulent Dred Scott decision. Instead of supporting herstory, and taking back a woman’s original creative work from some knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers, the leftist elite privileged this attack on women, thus banishing a woman’s art as shameful.

All people of good will should push back, rejecting such a shameful assault on a woman’s work and her important place in America’s story. Reject Nike’s leftist hate. True history must include her story. Fly the Betsy Ross flag with pride, as President Obama did at both of his inaugural ceremonies, as did his predecessors and successor. See the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. See, also, the New York Times on President Obama’s 2013 inauguration:

Red-Green Coalition vs. Church [Updated]


Stories arising from the fire at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, France, seem to avoid too much or impute too little. The usual suspects on the left, and the anti-Trump (because somehow this distorts everything) personalities at Fox News and Fox Business News, demanded that we immediately look away and ask no questions. Mind you, they have shown no such standard in any other stories. The usual suspects on the right were similarly rolling outlooks/swims/quacks like” stories. And … both have avoided and obscured the red-green coalition’s full expression.

We can all agree that Shepard Smith, a Trump-hater who launched his brand with his Hurricane Katrina hysterical on-camera performance, and Neil Cavuto, the leading anti-Trump Chamber of Commerce voice on Fox Business, were outrageous in their silencing of the factual reports about the long string of significant vandalism, desecration, and arson attacks on Roman Catholic churches in France. These attacks have been on top of the now routine assaults on Jewish persons and places in France. Smith and Cavuto cut off guests because they want their audiences to hear nothing of either set of facts, except when spun as indicators of “right-wing” violence that can be smeared onto President Trump.

At the same time, we get “it sure sounds like Islamist terrorism again.” Yet, the individuals and outlets who turn to this source of violence somehow are blind to a mass murder in a Texas church, by an anti-Christian atheist, or the other news this week of the arrest of the son of a sheriff’s deputy, a white pagan, for torching three churches with black congregations in Louisiana. This registered Democratic voter is apparently into music that had a brief connection, in Norway with church burnings. Our blinkered focus, since that infamous autumn day in 2001, blinds us to the actual history of Europe.

Pushing the Leftist Agenda by Attacking Betsy DeVos – Again


Betsy DeVos is once more in the sights of the House Democrats—and it’s going to get uglier with Democrats controlling the House. I’ve written about Secretary DeVos in the past, and because there is so much at stake with the state of education in the U.S., I’ve no doubt that the Democrats will do everything in their power to discredit her, remove her, and try to re-instate the biased and ineffective Obama administration and Leftist policies. This post will review some of the attacks on DeVos and the Department of Education, and why it is such a serious matter for this country, for education and for the rule of law.

The accusations against DeVos are many, including accusations of conflicts of interest of her staff, attacks on her brother, attacks on her expenses, and attacks on her motives. The two most important issues, I believe, are her revisions to the Title IX requirements and criticisms of the Department regarding student loan management. I’m not addressing conflicts of interest, because although the current brouhaha includes this criticism, most of the allegations that I could find are nearly two years old; I assume they didn’t rise to the level of removing her, or they were resolved. These accusations were likely just another attempt to discredit a Trump cabinet member.

In her efforts regarding Title IX to ensure that both the accused perpetrator and victim are fairly protected, DeVos issued new guidelines for formal complaints.