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Are They Doing This to Us on Purpose?


The globalist left has made its agenda clear. They don’t want us living in comfortable suburban homes, they want us to live in densely packed industrial rabbit warrens like New York and Hong Kong; in 500-square-foot apartments decorated in IKEA furniture. They don’t want us driving cars, they want us dependent on government-run mass transit, operated by unionized government employees, according to government-set schedules. They do not want us to eat meat, they want us to eat soy and bugs. And we are to be continuously monitored by the government for compliance with policy edicts.

Coincidentally or not, due to Biden and Democratic Party policies, the price of homes has skyrocketed and inflation-driven increases in mortgage rates are making them unaffordable (unless you’re a giant hedge fund bent on buying houses and converting them into rental stock because government policies encourage that sort of thing). The price of used cars and gasoline has likewise skyrocketed. Likewise meat of all kinds. Which has led Glenn Reynolds to ask whether the Democrats are inflicting these policies deliberately in order to get the desired result and Dan Greenfield to answer, “Hells yeah, they’re doing it on purpose.”

Training Children to be Activists


Our children have already been brainwashed in our schools with the dogma of Leftism, including the hatred of America, its Founders and its values. But the indoctrination has become more extreme than I thought: We are teaching our children to be activists.

I’m not just talking only about teenagers; I’m talking about grade school children being taught about social justice, about hating conservatives and about denigrating those who think differently than they do in a formal curriculum. Some people are having doubts about the process:

‘9-1-1 Lone Star,’ Give Me a Break. Please.


This is RightAngles, TV Reporter, here to save you some time. Do not bother to watch the new Fox show 9-1-1 Lone Star unless you want to end up throwing things at your TV. I admit I may have been predisposed to disliking this show because in the trailer they flew the Texas flag upside-down, but I think my initial gut reaction proved to be correct. So without further ado, here is my reaction to this over-the-top mishmash of SJW causes.

My first clue was when with the opening credits barely finished, we learn that New York Fire Capt. Rob Lowe’s son, also a fireman, is gay. I mean they just could not wait to stick that in there. Lowe is sent to Austin to repopulate a firehouse where everyone died in an explosion, and they tell him diversity is paramount (what?). As a result, we see him interviewing a paramedic in a hijab (he hires her even though she has 11 reprimands on her record), a black trans person (a twofer!), a basic Brown Guy who has failed the written exam four times (he hires him too), gay men, etc., etc. I mean is this the Fire Department or the SJW Cavalcade?

I don’t know about you, but if my house is on fire I want a 120-pound woman in a hijab with a record of not following orders and whose scarf is blowing around getting in her eyes and a trans person who’s checking to see if I’m a bigot before saving me.

Strong, Sensible, Domestic Security Policy


Bill of Rights and TrumpPresident Trump ran and won on a strong, sensible Second Amendment policy. He knew the issue was so important, that he made it the subject of his second position paper for the 2016 campaign.* He, his aides, his supporters, and the GOP need to dust that document off and go on offense this next week. Here is how such a Trumpian approach is a winner in American politics.

The 2016 election hinged on several states in the Rust Belt. Salena Zito and Brad Todd documented the surprising voting demographics that came through for President Trump. One of these groups was labeled “girl gun power.”** These were Millennial to Gen X women who had the strongest belief of any demographic group that they had the undeniable right to decide for themselves what kind of firearm was appropriate for their home defense. The NRA very effectively focussed advertising to them, and they chose guns over genital solidarity, even after the Billy Bush tape.

President Trump absolutely must hold these voters. But what of the signs of losing the old core of suburban Republican women? There are concerns that, as Texas attracted businesses from California, it imported new voters who want economic freedom but have contempt for the Second Amendment and social conservatism. Moreover, there are fears that suburban women, even if identifying as Republican, dislike President Trump.

Did President Trump Just Go Full G.H.W. Bush?


Bush TrumpJust as George H.W. Bush said “read my lips, no new taxes,” Donald J. Trump made unequivocal commitments to protect the Second Amendment. It is time to review them against his current remarks, preparatory to him working with Congress to “do something.” Has he been so shaken as to blunder into the George H.W. Bush trap, thinking he can explain away a plain, strong campaign promise? Is President Trump in danger of tarnishing his brand: “political promise keeper?”

Candidate Donald J. Trump needed the votes of gun owners, especially of women in the Rust Belt swing states. The NRA focused its advertising on them. They chose Trump, even after the Billy Bush tape October surprise. Salena Zito called this group of unlikely Trump voters “girl gun power.”* These women hold the strongest belief, among the population, that they have the right to choose the firearm they deem best for home defense. AR-15 variants and semi-automatic pistols with “high capacity” magazines are just right for them, in calibers and forms that fit smaller hands, arms, and shoulders. President Trump will need every one of these voters again, plus some, in 2020.

President Trump’s voice started to break, and he almost lost his composure, at the end of his formal statement Monday morning. Has he been so shaken by these two mass murders as to throw away his promises in the name of political reality or circumstances? His answers to (leftist Democrat) reporters on the way to Marine One were concerning but ambiguous. Was he just trying to get through the worst of it sounding reasonable? You decide.

President Trump Betrays his Voters and the Constitution? [Updated]


Bethany Mandel nicely laid out the virulently hateful reaction of the Democrats, at every level, to President Trump’s address to the nation on the two mass murders this past weekend. She noted how the New York Times was driven by its own mob to change it’s headline on the president’s address. However, the change, while making the ideological lines clearer, was still fairly accurate:

The first headline read “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism” while the second said “Assailing Hate But Not Guns.” 

Would that this were fully accurate. Sadly, the president has given life to a massive gun grab, done the way American politicians prefer. This president knows full well, by his own words, that he has been targeted by leftists wrapped in black robes. He has learned, and all of us know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the “least dangerous branch of government” has been fully weaponized.

The Left Cannot Help Itself: Rocky Mountain Low


The red faction of the red-green alliance just cannot help itself. Even with the cautionary tale of the Paul Wellstone funeral, the left could not be decent for a day. School officials allowed the Brady gun-grabber group to organize a supposed vigil, without informing the student body and parents that they had done so. The Brady Campaign invited Senator Michael (I want to be president) Bennet (D-CO Silicon Valley), and U.S. Representative Jason Crow (D-CO-6 Silicon Valley). It started as the left expected, and then went sideways for them. The reaction of students and parents suggest a rebellion against their political and cultural overlords, and may yield results in the year ahead.

Kudos to MSN and USA Today for telling the truth in “Students walk out of Colorado school shooting vigil, saying their trauma was being politicized:”

The event Wednesday was primarily billed as a vigil to honor Kendrick Castillo, who was fatally shot in a rampage by two students at the STEM school here. Speakers at the school’s packed gymnasium, however, were mostly politicians and advocates pressing Congress for more restrictive gun laws.

The Creepy Line (2018 Documentary)


In 1987, Milton Friedman published an article in the WSJ about how polls on Bork were being deliberately biased against him. The ideological gatekeepers have advanced far beyond this with search engines.

This scary documentary is available on Amazon Prime. It details the massive power of Google (Alphabet) and Facebook and their ability to shift elections to the Left. Particularly chilling is how Google can do it on search results in an indiscernible manner. I wondered why Google was able to act so blatantly using corporate resources on behalf of Obama in 2008; the documentary explains that its two top execs have controlling shares of the voting stock and thus, short of fraud, are pretty able to do whatever they want. Both of these companies are creatures of the Left and are using their powers to advance its agenda.

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I have mentioned before that I decided to go back for a Master’s degree after receiving my Bachelor’s 13 years prior. My program is made up of about 25 students; only five of which (including myself) are over 35 and have careers. I am a lifelong Conservative, and remember back when I was in undergrad […]

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Stop the Funeral Dirges for Academic Rigor, Please


I admit to being a hopelessly disorganized individual, and working in a cluttered corner “office” in my home. The “logical (to me) chaos” of my workspace right now says something meaningful about the state of academic rigor today, thanks to a couple of completely coincidental items. On my desk there is a pile of paper that represents the first 50 or so pages of a nearly 500-page manuscript, and an iPad with a somewhat related book in my Kindle queue waiting for me to complete.

The book is The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters, by Tom Nichols, and the manuscript is on a theory of “political Darwinism.” They are definitely polar opposites on just about any scale one would like to use to compare them, which makes them remarkably similar. Nichols is pointing out how society — particularly America — has shifted to a point where all experts are considered untrustworthy. The author of the manuscript is showing how the shifting trends in politics are actually following a fairly logical evolutionary process that needs a severe interruption if we prize freedom at all. The similarity between them lies in both their serious tones of warning against the track our society is following now, and their extreme attention to detail in an academic sense. The other item of note about them is that the book is authored by someone who is generally conservative, and the manuscript’s author is essentially a libertarian.

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Subtitle: Why Global Warming Is a Racist Conspiracy and Black Lives Really Don’t Matter At their core, the Climate Change Cult, the gay marriage movement, the feminists, La Raza, the #BlackLivesMatter…. the primary purpose of all these groups is to rally people to advance a progressive socialist agenda. Gays, Climate, Blacks, Illegal Immigrants… these are […]

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Apparently, the Talking Point has gone out to all organs of the left to promote the “Republicans are running on FEAR” meme. Talking Points Memo: Riding Fear of Muslims, Trump Rockets to New Lead Democrat Hack Paul Begala: Republicans’ Dominant Emotion is ‘Fear’ The New Republic: The GOP is the Party of Fear New York […]

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“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Socialist.” Thus begins Pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous quote.  I understand there are a lot of conservatives that do not support the flying of the Confederate battle flag (more accurately called the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern […]

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