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What The Reactionary Anti-Semitism Gets Right


flag-408317_1920Growing up, my South African father used to remind us American kids that “There are only two types of people in the world: Jews and anti-semites.” This used to upset us terribly. It’s patently false, we would think. Our experience shows our society to be tolerant and kind. Where in the United States is friendlier and more welcoming than suburban Atlanta? Of course, the specter of Leo Frank’s lynching always hung like a shadow in the backs of our minds. But that was a long time ago. Surely, that old hatred is dead.

But it’s starting to look like dad was right after all. From Islamists, to progressive Europe, to the dregs of the Alt-Right on Twitter, we Jews are surrounded by a resurgent tide of anti-Semitism.Which leads to the question my progressive neighbor likes to constantly ask: “Why do they hate us?”

When it comes to explaining Jew hatred, the safest course of action is probably to declare it an uncaused historical constant. After all, what can be the reason for a hatred that has spanned millenia, civilizations, classes, religions, and practically every other boundary that divides man from man?

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Before NeoCon became a slur meaning war-mongering Jew it referred to a group of classic liberals. Most of them were Jews, and they were anti-Totalitarians who thought NeoMarxists had taken over the Democratic party. They became Republicans, and never looked back. Until now. The leftist caricature of the Republican party is now the nominee. Mr. Trump is the embodiment of unapologetic toxic-masculinity. […]

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A Jewish Atheist for a More Christian America


shutterstock_222016312A few years ago I got sucked into a LinkedIn college alumni chat group where political discussions were going on. For the most part, the participants were smart, articulate adults, not college students, all of whom, moreover, had endured the famously rigorous classical core curriculum of our alma mater. Nonetheless, in due course, every Media Matters talking point and lunatic piece of campus-Marxist SJW nonsense was trotted out one by one and presented as revealed truth requiring no further proof. These debates — which were heated but civil by Internet standards — went on for close to two years before they finally succumbed to a combination of acrimony and the meddling and censorship of the university’s busybody apparatchiks who ran the thing. Apparently, people don’t like to have their core beliefs about the world subjected to critical scrutiny and found wanting. No minds were changed. It was, on the whole, a depressing experience.

Anyone who has ever engaged in political debate must at some point have come to the conclusion that such arguments are pointless. In the long history of political debate, from the Athenian assembly to the lamentable farce that is the so-called World’s Greatest Deliberative Body, no fully-formed adult human has ever walked away from the experience a convert to the opposing position. When conversions do happen, as with Irving Kristol or David Mamet, they are the result not of rational inquiry, but of protracted mugging by reality. You can’t reason a man out of something he wasn’t reasoned into, and politics, like religion, falls into the category of things whose core precepts are not susceptible to rational interrogation.

Which brings me to my subject – the relationship between politics and religion in America. My claim is that the demise of traditional American political values – democracy, individual liberty and limited government – has a lot to do with the decline of traditional Christianity in the United States. I make this claim as a strong partisan of traditional American political values, but as a disinterested nonpartisan when it comes to traditional Christianity. The title of this post is a bit of an overstatement – I am not really a committed atheist. I am, however, as close to an atheist as it is possible to be while still remaining agnostic. I don’t have a God in this fight, in other words.

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Let’s start at the very top. The party that represents the American Left is choosing between two candidates for president. One is a thoroughly corrupt woman of no discernible accomplishments who represents the cronyism they claim to despise; all of which is forgiven because she is a woman which is very VERY important for some reason. And in order […]

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Is Trump a Racist? I’m Not Convinced.


I don’t want to call a man racist without good evidence, and I don’t think we have much in Trump’s case. I’ll grant he has some racist supporters, though they may be very few for all I know. I’ll further grant he did not sufficiently and swiftly enough denounce racism. But that doesn’t make him racist. He’s said unkind things about illegal immigrants, but that doesn’t make him a racist.

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Last year, my then 17-year-old offspring gave me a dirty look when I used the term white noise. I had to explain that, no, white noise is not in contrast to African-American, East Asian, or Amerindian noise. Rather, it contrasts with pink or Brownian noise. It’s a science term. I was reminded of this by […]

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The Left’s Proxy War with Islam


shutterstock_313426106The Left’s most recent bout with insanity is, at least in part, due to increasing turmoil and carnage in the Islamic world. Progressives oppose most of the Islamist agenda — the subjugation of women, execution of gays, slaughter of innocents — but their belief that Western Culture, Western Imperialism, and (worst of all!) Western Cultural Imperialism are responsible for all of the world’s ills make it impossible for them to speak out against any culture but their own. Instead, they attack such proxies as they can find in the West with an intensity that is all out of proportion to the offences they claim to perceive.

Any resistance to allowing men dressed as women to use women’s restrooms is denounced with a fervor that would be far more appropriate were it reserved for the routine execution of homosexuals in some Muslim countries. Micro-aggressions against women perceptible only to themselves are the focus of a rage that would be understandable were it directed against the execution of Muslim women for the “crime” of being raped. Their conflation of distasteful speech on college campuses with violence and rape lies in sharp contrast with their disregard for ISIS’s violent rape of thousands. Their promiscuous use of the word “genocide” in connection with cultural evolution would make sense were it in response to the wholesale slaughters of Christians, Jews, and Yazidis in the name of Allah.

Like the drunk who searches for his keys under a street light, the Left searches for injustice only in the West. And find (or invent) injustice they must, because that’s the only way they can prove to themselves and others that they care. As their ideology requires them to discount the elephants of Islamic violence and hatred, so the gnats of Western injustice they denounce become ever more microscopic in order to demonstrate just how exquisitely attuned they are to human suffering.

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“Now is the time for the moderates on all lands, in all languages, from all faiths to mourn together, and then rally and find a way to work together and stand up to extremism in all forms across the world.” We’re going to stand up to the intersectional feminists, black lives matter activists, and Bernie […]

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Happy Belated International Yoga Day!


official_rightwing_yoga_pantsI’m so utterly allergic to International Days of anything that yesterday’s Inaugural International Day of Yoga prompted me to skip my usual morning yoga practice, just out of orneriness.

And guess what. I spent all of yesterday feeling crabby, stressed, and tense. And today I woke up with a backache.

I’ve been doing yoga for a long time. A few decades. I discovered that it had a lot of surprising benefits way before it was a total poseur left-wing fad. And the greater part of me is pleased that it’s become so popular, given that it truly has improved my life, and I’m sure it improves the lives of many. While I’ve yet to experience some of the more extreme claims on made on yoga’s behalf — some of you may have noticed that I’m not Enlightened, for example — I’ve certainly experienced many of the more modest claims. Basically, without the combination of yoga and running (or some other kind of aerobic exercise), I’m intolerable. The aerobic part seems to be the key to mood elevation; the yoga part is the key to being — how to put it — well, let’s just say that without it, I’m a bit too aggressive to work and play nicely with others. Together, they keep me on a reasonably even keel. But if I miss one or the other, just steer well clear of me. You really won’t like me when my yin and my yang are all bollixed up.

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The left consists of myriad esoteric interest groups and constituencies, many of which are disproportionately vocal and dogmatic about how the rest of us rubes talk and act. So it offers those of us on the right a great deal of schadenfreude when the angry glare of one of those left-wing interest groups turns on […]

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Re-Engineering the Human Reptile, or Notes From a Checkered Career


At the heart of the Leftist project is the idea of social engineering. The Leftist sees society the way Michelangelo saw a large slab of Carrara marble: a formless mass that needs sharp percussive tools to liberate its inner David. Whether it’s “class” structure (Robespierre, Lenin), wealth and income distribution (Obama, Elizabeth Warren), or ethnic makeup (Obama), the Leftist imperative is to chisel and bulldoze the mass into a more aesthetically perfect configuration with respect to the offending criterion. The fact that leftists have been doing this since 1793, with consistently lamentable results, has not dampened their enthusiasm. We are always just a few broken eggs short of the perfect omelet. And as far as the breakage, well, when you’re sculpting a masterpiece, the chips fly.

Leftists understood early on that the human blob resists being re-engineered, and that breaking this resistance is the central problem of their project. What’s more, redesigning institutions and shifting around society’s legal and constitutional furniture only moves the ball so far. Ultimately, the engineer must turn his attention to the human mind itself. The Bolsheviks embraced this explicitly, proclaiming their goal to be not only a new society based on new economic relations, but the creation of New Soviet Man – “a higher social biologic type,” according to Trotsky. Stalin called writers “engineers of the human soul,” and declared that “the production of souls is more important than the production of tanks.” This business about souls explains the left’s endless war against religion: it’s basically a territorial dispute, with both sides making claims to the same real estate in the prefrontal cortex and limbic system.

Are Conservatives Empathy-Deficient?


shutterstock_193027043It’s no secret that the success of the liberal regime is founded on an illusory moral high ground: the successful framing of themselves as voice of the downtrodden, and the of Right as the party of “making the rich richer and the poor poorer.” It’s similarly obvious (to us, anyway) that liberal thought has done untold damage to all sectors of society, and that conservative positions will ultimately improve quality of life for everyone involved. This fiction persists in large part due to the Left’s disturbingly successful strategy of relying on appeals to emotion and compassion, protected by only the thinnest layer of pseudo-logic, to win support for misguided causes.

But the blame may not all lie on liberal shoulders. It’s telling that conservatives have not only failed to dispel this fiction, but don’t seem to be trying all that hard. Browsing the pages of Ricochet or The Federalist, one will find many sound analyses of social and political issues, but very little rhetoric aimed at providing hope, comfort, or understanding for those in the midst of life’s tribulations. There is little indication of empathy.

There could be various reasons for this. A surface explanation, exaggerated by the Left but still partially true, is the emphasis on personal responsibility. If you look at people’s problems as mostly their own fault, you’ll be less inclined to operate on their behalf or foster any emotion for their self-inflicted struggles. It also might have to do with a basic adverse reaction to popular liberalism. When overwhelmed by emotionally charged but empty discourse, the natural response is irritation followed by cold (but sound) rationality.

Why The Left Hates “American Sniper”


American_Sniper_posterFrom the current issue of the Weekly Standard, Mark Hemingway:

[T]he film portrays Kyle as a proud southern, rural, religious, patriotic jock and gun enthusiast who was much more anguished about the people he was unable to save in Iraq than about the 160 confirmed sniper kills that the Navy credits him with. All of these traits are anathema to the left, though nearly all of the great soldiers in American history possessed one or more of them. Leftists simply can’t digest the fact that their own safety is predicated on the willingness to fight of courageous men they openly disdain.

Their own safety, predicated on the willingness to fight of courageous men they openly disdain.

Conservative Turns Tables, Wins Lefty Video Contest to Oppose ‘Big Money in Our Politics’


Tom Steyer Ad 2014A funny thing happened to a video contest put on by lefties to highlight the scourge of big money in politics. A conservative video won!

The video with the most votes — by a factor of 20 — highlighted the influence of the biggest individual spender in American politics today: Billionaire left-wing activist Tom Steyer. But we should expect that victory by popular acclaim to be erased from memory by the leftists, Soviet-style. Let me explain.

MoveOn.org and MayDay.us asked the public to “make a 30-second ad to wake up America to the crisis of big money in our politics.” BTW: MayDay.us is a SuperPAC that brags of raising $10.6 million so far this election cycle to… wait for it… “reduce the influence of money in politics.”

Why Conservatives Should Care About #GamerGate


Assassin's_Creed_coverEvery once in a while, the progressivism’s destructive effects penetrate so deeply into a story that they change the way people view the world. To the under-35 gaming crowd, #GamerGate may be one of those events.

I suspect many readers have no idea what I am talking about, or caught a primer through this week’s Radio Free Delingpole. Milo Yiannapoulos has covered it over at Breitbart. In brief, the community of people who regularly play video games (“gamers”) has significantly grown and expanded, to the point today where the image of the lone white young man in his mother’s basement is no longer accurate. It’s a diverse and widely tolerant community of people, mostly still under the age of 40 (Mr. Delingpole aside, apparently). The industry has exploded in size, rivaling — if not surprising –Hollywood’s revenue.

Increasingly, the gaming press has taken a progressive bent by injecting specious feminist arguments into reviews and coverage of games. Instead of providing insight into the industry and delivering advice on the best up and coming games and development trends in an unbiased manner, they have been weaving in feminist theories of misogyny in video games and objectification of women in a manner that is meant to steer the industry towards the development of more progressive titles.