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They May Be Coming for You


This morning I woke up in a state of—what would I call it—uneasiness? I’ve been reading the posts from Ricochet members, and couldn’t put my finger on my reaction to the frightening invasion of Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago. Many people compared the actions of the FBI to the tyranny of third-world countries. But that parallel didn’t quite work for me. And then it dawned on me.

Our experience may be mirroring the actions of the Nazis in Germany.

I know there are people who become quite upset when they see comparisons to Nazi Germany, and I can appreciate their distress. In no way do I want to liken 12 million people exterminated with the difficulties we are experiencing in this country. At the same time, where should I go to try to point out parallels to the lawlessness and tyranny that we are experiencing here? So I apologize in advance to those who are offended, and hope that you will know that my observations are sincere and heartfelt.

Is Our Country ‘Choosing to be Slaves in Egypt?’


Once again, I was blessed to spend Passover with the @iwe family this past week. And as always, I loved the experience. Of course, key to our celebration was embracing the Exodus from Egypt as if we had made the journey with the Jews when they escaped Pharaoh’s tyranny. As I contemplated the gift of freedom, I realized that we are struggling with the issues of freedom and enslavement in our own time.

Only instead of reveling in our joy of living in a land of freedom and opportunity, we are going backward.

We are returning to the bonds of our past.

The Lopsided Scales of Justice


Like many Americans, I’m busy. I work and maintain a house, so I catch the news on the fly most days. Quite frankly, I can’t take it for longer than 15-minute intervals because it’s so bad. So I set up the ironing board and flipped on the TV this morning to make sure a meteor wasn’t heading towards Earth. There was our Attorney General on Capitol Hill being grilled on the latest “justice issues.”

A hot question was why the Justice Dept. is getting involved in school board meetings? Talking heads are starting to label parents who question what schools are teaching as domestic terrorists? Some school board meetings have been heated for good reason, and no one condones threats or violence. Where is this coming from? It stems from a letter announcing the investigation of threats that will involve the following agencies?

“The letter noted that law enforcement in some communities needed extra help monitoring threat levels, and specifically asked for resources from the DOJ, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Postal Inspection Service.” — The Hill 10/5/21

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In the current issue of America’s 1st Freedom (an NRA publication), Wayne LaPierre has written an exceptionally good yet somber column about the state of our country.  I highly suggest you give it a read: https://www.americas1stfreedom.org/articles/2020/11/17/standing-guard-our-fight-is-a-battle-for-the-right-to-survive Preview Open

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The California Homeless Urban Brushfire Fire Season Begins


Vacant lot on residential street near Downtown Los Angeles set ablaze after homeless encampment catches fire on the night of August 19, 2020.

As the only member of my family living in California – specifically, Los Angeles – I have to deal with the common misconceptions of the state: No, one does not go up to celebrities and start talking to them, even just to say how much one likes their work. No, locals generally don’t go to Hollywood; it’s an overpriced, touristy hellscape of traffic with no parking. And no, even if one does go to the beach (many don’t – that hellscape of traffic with no parking thing again), people only swim on the hottest days because the ocean here is icy cold.

Stereotypes and the Martyr Complex: A Dangerous Combination


If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last few months trying to figure out the reasons for the near collapse of law and order in this country. Most of us realize that events following the George Floyd death have been in the planning stage for a long time; the Marxists saw a moment of weakness in our society and capitalized on it with merciless determination.

I get all that.

But I wasn’t able to figure out why most of the people who have praised Black Lives Matter and volunteered to be rioters and protestors are white. Political leaders (as in mayors and governors) have celebrated the lawlessness and bowed to the causes of criminals. Tongue lashings from women of the white elite are witnessed by many, as are spoiled teenagers who have indulged in their first looting attempts.

Black Lives Matter Goes Mainstream?


Last week, Julie Pace of the Associated Press was on Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baer. She made a statement that stopped me in my tracks. (I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.) She said, “Black Lives Matter has gone mainstream.”

I asked myself what she could possibly have meant, and when I did a little research, I realized the insidious nature of her comment, and how we are in the process of making Black Lives Matter a mainstream movement.

“Single Mother Owned, Please Show Mercy, This Is All I Have”


After struggling for days with (mostly very distressing, and, as much as I hate to admit it, downright at times depressing) ideas of how to write about the monstrosity which has descended upon us in the form of “mostly peaceful” riots in numerous cities with untold loss of life and property, deliberate murders like those of retired Police Capt. David Dorn in St. Louis, injuries all across the Nation we love and revere, my search ended when I saw this heart-rending sign in a shop– begging for mercy. Begging! Figuratively on her knees pleading to the animals of lawlessness to please, please, please let her continue to make a living and provide for her children. Please!

I had originally started to write something based on Paul Harvey’s famous broadcast in 1965, entitled “If I  Were The Devil”, bringing it up to date to show how what we are seeing in the last week is as pure an example of the work of Lucifer as any of us will ever see but decided, after seeing this image (which I believe, based on what research I was able to find, was of a shop in Santa Monica) nothing could more graphically illustrate the work of the Prince of Hatred than this pathetic sign.

If I were the devil, I would make American citizens beg for their very livelihoods, just like this single mom had to do to try to keep the maundering herds away from her shop.

Minneapolis Lunacy: A Recipe for Disaster


This morning my blood ran cold when I heard the latest recommendation from the Minneapolis City Council: disband the police department. Sundance at the Conservative Tree House explains the background for this action:

The term ‘community policing’ has been used for several years by groups advocating for radical changes to law enforcement; however, behind the innocuous phrase is really a much more serious agenda.

Roberts Robs Citizens of Crucial Information


There has been plenty of commentary, on Ricochet and elsewhere (see first and especially Amy Howe’s analysis), about the decision penned by Chief Justice John Roberts, joined by the four consistent leftists in relevant parts on Department of Commerce v. New York. One issue, and important consequence, seems unaddressed. By sending the matter back to the Federal District courts, without imposing a very accelerated calendar and requiring a decision back to the Supreme Court by the end of the summer, Roberts has effectively pushed back any actual count of the illegal alien population by a decade! He has kept the political process uninformed, except by competing guesses, presented as statistical models and sample data. This is the point on which President Trump should be hammering daily.

Roberts did not rule that a citizenship question is unconstitutional, but he did not need to, as his opinion, as written, runs out the clock nicely. Instead, he relied on insinuations that Wilbur Ross had racist motives and had lied to cover up these racist motives. By entertaining this smear job by the lower courts, Roberts diverted the conversation from the ultimate bipartisan elite goal, perpetuating their numbers racket.

The Numbers Racket:

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From the Ricochet Twitter feed, via James Poulos:  Using the threat of an unlimited Treasury investigation, the President and Senator Dick Durbin stopped Walgreen (WAG) from moving to Switzerland. The wreckage of some $10 billion in lost stock value for mostly Main Street investors was left as a grim reminder not to cross the government […]

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We’re all pretty unified on the topic of the lawless behavior of Barack Obama, like when he chooses not to enforce various provisions of Obamacare or immigration law. I’m sure most of us would like to believe that we would hold a Republican president to higher standards than Democrats hold Obama. But I wonder if […]

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Those of us in the Commonwealth of Virginia who take our ability to defend ourselves and our ability to keep and bear arms seriously have had to put up with the ridiculous behavior of not just our committed enemies in the federal government, but also with those in the state government.  Delegate Joe Morrissey is […]

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As Martin Luther once nailed his 95 theses to the door of All Saints Church of Wittenberg in 1517, Ted Cruz has released a list of 76 ‘lawless’ actions performed by Obama.  I love the imagery of it all, I only wish he had literally nailed it to the front door of a capital building […]

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