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Sustaining Love


In a recent essay by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, he quoted David Brooks (yes, that David Brooks as far as I can tell) on the way a person maintains his or her love for another. Brooks said:

My favourite definition of commitment is falling in love with something and then building a structure of behavior around it for the moment when love falters. [Italics by R. Sacks]

I was moved by this practical and profound observation. It reminds me of those times when young people ask me when they’ll be able to stop working so hard at the relationship with a significant other, and I answer, “Never.” Personally, I would not use the word “work,” because that commitment comes out of devotion and dedication, not out of obligation. But in life, love can falter or be challenged, and we must decide whether or not we are in for the long haul.

Why Doesn’t Washington Want Me to Have Clean Underwear?


laundryA while back, we had to replace our 12-year-old washer and dryer. Our old units were as basic as it gets: toss in laundry and soap, crank the mechanical timer and, bingo, clean clothes.

Once the washer gave up the ghost, we were excited to replace those dinosaurs with sleek new “High Efficiency” models. Today’s washers and dryers come with Ferrari styling, computer consoles and more lights than a Space Shuttle dashboard. Granted, the cheapest options cost double what we paid for our old units, but finally we could embrace the brave new world of bleeding-edge laundry innovation!

“They probably won’t get your clothes as clean as your old basic washer,” the salesman told me. He added that customers complained all the time, but there was nothing he could do. Government regulators insisted on “high-efficiency” washers and dryers; manufacturers had to comply.

Member Post


“Did you put the milk back? Because I didn’t…” said I as we bounced and swerved along route 9 in Vermont, somewhere between Wilmington and Brattleboro. At the next small town we lurched with our trailer into a Sunoco, nearly clipping a bollard post and thoroughly blocking most of the gas pumps. For the sake […]

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