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January Group Writing: Renovating Humor


The surest sign of age is the loss of the vital powers that once came with ease. The mind may be the first thing to go, as my wife has been telling me for years, but weakening flesh is the cruelest harbinger of failing vitality.

I well remember the first unmistakable sign that things were slipping away too quickly to notice. We had a tree stump in the backyard that had to be removed. So, manly man that I used to be, I buttoned up my sleeves, pulled on a pair of gloves, policed up a long crowbar and a rock to serve as a fulcrum, and set out to show that stump who was who. I got the bar lodged underneath the stump, pushed down with all my might, and…the stump refused to budge. I grunted and groaned, kick and cussed for about twenty minutes, unwilling to accept my ignominy. Fortunately, my nephew dropped by and, seeing that I was in great distress, offered to help. Now Nate is a giant of a man and a kill trained Marine who’d served three tours in Iraq, so I figured he’d just add his muscle to mine. Instead, he wrapped his arms around the stump, let out a groan, and pulled it up roots and all.

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Why I Don’t Nap During the Day


I’m self-employed and work from home with no set schedule. I prefer to keep one, but it doesn’t always happen. I don’t always sleep well, and sometimes, I really, really want a nap. I carefully choose my times for when Morgana is sleeping.

Dead to the world, until I get on the bed in a different room.

It never works, though. Somehow, she has a super-kitty sense of when one is trying to sleep. I get settled into bed, and there is the thump of her arrival up onto the bed. Wasn’t she just asleep in another room? Doesn’t matter. Now, she is on the bed with me and wants attention. If she is on the ground, and I reach down, she doesn’t want attention. If she’s on one of the cat trees by my chair or on one of the cushions on the other side, she doesn’t want attention.


Fred & Ginger vs Syed & Tashfeen


Let’s talk about that clash of cultures. Let’s not shy away from it for fear of political incorrectness or the withering glance of the Scolder-In-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama or any number of cowards, appeasers and apologists in the mainstream media. The richness of a culture is everything. A rich culture embraces and cherishes life and […]

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