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Quote of the Day: Saran Wrap Can Kill You


“I think there are a lot of things out there that are humorous that people don’t realize until you actually show them what is going on. Saran Wrap for one thing. You know, you could pull enough of that out of the box and it will actually kill you. It will get a hold of you, stick to you, and choke you to death.” —  Tim Conway

I’m a sucker for physical humor: Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther movies, Jim Carrey (in his early days), Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers, Carol Burnett — they all crack me up. But Tim Conway stands at the top of my list.

I think slapstick or silly comedy gets a bad rap. Yes, it’s unsophisticated. Yes, it’s not for everyone. But to watch a person who projects a sweetness or naivete, yet has me falling on the floor with laughter, that person has a remarkable gift.

Roaring with Laughter!


For those of you suffering from depression, anger, frustration, annoyance, or any combination of the aforementioned, you have come to the right place. And Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman has just the perfect remedy for you: uproarious laughter.

Now I’m aware that some of you are not into uncontrollable laughter, guffaws, horselaughs, or even chortles, but simple smiles are guaranteed.

Step right up!

The Merry Month of May: Laughter on the World Wide Web


And isn’t there an awful lot of that pointless, incessant barking on the Internet? But there are some fierce sites, some magical sites, some hella informative sites (I’m immersed in one on the art and science of building beehives at the moment), and some that just make me laugh out loud. (Sometimes, I don’t think this effect is intentional.)

I always bookmark a site that cheers me up when I see it, or when someone passes a link along, and I certainly have my favorites. Perhaps I’ll mention some of them in the comments. Meanwhile, won’t you please share the sites that make you laugh, and tell us why? (Please try and keep it clean, or at least let people know what they’re in for if they follow a link-of-ill-repute.)

Quote of the Day: Laughter


“Humanity has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter. Power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution—these can lift at a colossal humbug—push it a little—weaken it a little, century by century, but only laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.” — Mark Twain

Do we want to marginalize woke-scolds? Laugh at them. Make them figures of fun. Similarly for Progressives. (Indeed, Progressives realize this too. Alinsky’s fifth rule states “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”)

January Group Writing: Renovating Humor


The surest sign of age is the loss of the vital powers that once came with ease. The mind may be the first thing to go, as my wife has been telling me for years, but weakening flesh is the cruelest harbinger of failing vitality.

I well remember the first unmistakable sign that things were slipping away too quickly to notice. We had a tree stump in the backyard that had to be removed. So, manly man that I used to be, I buttoned up my sleeves, pulled on a pair of gloves, policed up a long crowbar and a rock to serve as a fulcrum, and set out to show that stump who was who. I got the bar lodged underneath the stump, pushed down with all my might, and…the stump refused to budge. I grunted and groaned, kick and cussed for about twenty minutes, unwilling to accept my ignominy. Fortunately, my nephew dropped by and, seeing that I was in great distress, offered to help. Now Nate is a giant of a man and a kill trained Marine who’d served three tours in Iraq, so I figured he’d just add his muscle to mine. Instead, he wrapped his arms around the stump, let out a groan, and pulled it up roots and all.

Why I Don’t Nap During the Day


I’m self-employed and work from home with no set schedule. I prefer to keep one, but it doesn’t always happen. I don’t always sleep well, and sometimes, I really, really want a nap. I carefully choose my times for when Morgana is sleeping. 

Dead to the world, until I get on the bed in a different room.

Member Post


Progressives have often been ridiculed on Ricochet for emphasizing feelings over actions, intentions over results. What good is a hashtag against terrorism or colored ribbons against a disease? Be serious!  But must we always be serious about serious problems? If sympathetic expressions are cheap and easily dismissed, why are emotionally detached jokes not dismissed with […]

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