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Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Sit back for another edition of Ricochet Silent Radio! Once again it’s time to check back in with the knuckle-dusters of the intelligence community, the six-shooter samurais that protect our way of life, Whiskey Sam Dagger Hate! Turn your mind to that flashing rhinestone of the desert, Las Vegas, […]

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Democrat Debate Recap: Crabs in a Bucket


When you’re shucking a bucket of crabs, the smart ones try like hell to escape. But as soon as one gets to the edge of freedom, the rest of the crabs yank him back down. That was the Democratic debate Wednesday night in Las Vegas.

Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner but would lose if the so-called moderate lane unified behind a single candidate. Instead, the other five Democrats spent two hours pulling each other down, leaving the Brooklyn Bolshevik free to yell about whatever it is he yells about.

Mike Bloomberg got quite the hazing in this, his first debate. Elizabeth Warren opened with a savage attack.

Bill begins the podcast by sharing his thoughts on the big political stories of the week and why Pres. Trump has won the debate over the NFL and anthem protests. Next, Bill discusses the latest developments out of Las Vegas and highlights Steve Wynn’s recent comments about the killer and how to prevent another attack. Then, Bill talks with Mollie Hemingway about why Republicans need to seize the “Trump Moment” and get their agenda through before the upcoming elections. Finally, Joel Farkas of the American Strategy Group joins the show to explain why countries like France and India – not exactly right-wing governments – are copying Pres. Trump’s economic agenda and why no one is giving Trump credit for it.

Is Supporting the Second Amendment Morally Equal to Supporting Slavery?


I invited Cam Edwards of NRA TV to the podcast today to talk about the current debate over gun rights and the relative strength of the NRA. Several commentators have suggested that the NRA’s political standing has been weakened by the reaction to the Las Vegas shooting, though it’s too early to get any reliable data.

But when it comes to the goals of the Left on gun control “gun safety,” the data is clear: They want to kill the Second Amendment.

Following the New Republic’s “It’s Time To Ban Guns” headline and the Bret Stephens “Repeal the Second Amendment” column comes this from the op-ed page of the New York Times:

Bill shares his thoughts on the horrific attack in Las Vegas and responds to Democrats’ calls for greater gun control. He reflects on how well President Trump and the First Lady have handled this string of catastrophes, from the hurricanes in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico and now the mass murder in Las Vegas. Bill also shares more of his interview with Steve Wynn, one of the titans of industry in Las Vegas, and some very prescient thoughts Wynn had about the security risks Las Vegas faces and what he’s done to try and improve security at his properties.

An American Madness


All countries have mental illness, but its expression differs dramatically by culture. Historically, in southeast Asia, men whose minds were coming unglued displayed symptoms of wild, uncontrolled violence. It was called “amok” and entered our language as “running amok.” In the Middle East, the afflicted showed symptoms called “zar” — inappropriate outbursts of laughing, singing, and screaming. In 19th century Europe, women had “hysterical” blindness and unexplained paralysis. In 20th century America, young people suffering from anorexia starved themselves to death in the belief that they were obese.

Our culture, for complex reasons, has given rise to a new expression of madness – the mass shooting followed by suicide.

A few of our worst – San Bernardino, Orlando, Fort Hood, Charleston — were terrorist attacks. The killers were not crazy, just bent on destruction for political ends. But the majority of mass shooters over the past several decades have been mentally ill men. The Virginia Tech killer had displayed many signs before his assault. So had the killers in Newtown, Aurora, Tucson, Washington’s Navy Yard, and on and on.

Jimmy Kimmel Is a Bully


Jimmy KimmelThe latest spearhead for the “reasonable” Left’s response to Las Vegas has been found in the heartfelt, but factually false monologues from Jimmy Kimmel. Now, unlike many on the Right, I don’t harbor a dislike of the man himself. He seems a decent fellow and brought one of better libertarian-leaning minds to us, Adam Carolla. I no longer watch Kimmel, or any late-night comedians for that matter, as they continually find joy in insulting me while their barking seal audience lauds their vitriolic approval with enthused applause. Why would anyone want to be attacked before going to sleep by a supposed moral authority?

Back in his youth, Kimmel said he wanted to be David Letterman. For the same reason, I didn’t watch the not-so-funny Letterman at the end of his career either. However, just because we don’t watch him, we still can’t escape his political prolix. His rants are being replayed everywhere. Kimmel is affable and sympathetic, and many of us can envision being friends with him outside of the political debate. But he is currently being a bully. A great big, ignorant bully. In fact, he is the most dangerous kind of bully. Since he elicits empathy from a great number of people, he is elevated as a voice of reason and is now being used by the left to carpet-bomb their enemies, us.

He taps into our raw emotion, confusion, fears, and anger when we are most vulnerable. He sounds moderated in his views and effectively lectures us on his “facts,” which sound like common sense. If you throw out everything you know, whether it’s on healthcare or gun rights, Kimmel seems wise, truthful, and tearful, therefore those who he has determined are on the other side of his “truth” must be ignorant, hateful, and/or evil. I won’t get into numerous details why Kimmel is factually wrong on the gun rights debate, but recommend watching the always thorough Ben Shapiro who covers it here.

Jim Geraghty of Natonal Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America sigh as liberal late night comedians demand new gun control legislation while getting their facts wildly wrong.  They also react to reports that President Trump does not appear likely to embrace gun control efforts in the wake of the horrific attack in Las Vegas that killed dozens and wounded hundreds.  And they shake their heads as White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney  – a deficit hawk while in Congress – says he is embracing deficits as part of the emerging tax reform legislation.

Brandon Michael Darby on Las Vegas, Andrew Breitbart, Antifa, and Mexican Drug Cartels


Brandon DarbyAs America and the world learn about the horrific events in Las Vegas, and news is being updated as we record here on Monday, we had Brandon Darby provide his perspective on the tragedy, the politicians who immediately politicized it, his relationship with Andrew Breitbart and the Mexican Drug Cartels. Brandon Darby is Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at Breitbart Texas. After we stopped recording we learned about Tom Petty being near death. A special tribute at the end.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America react to the horrific attack in Las Vegas that left at least 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded.  They also slam the endless politics as so many activists  – and politicians themselves – immediately declare the Las Vegas shooting to reinforce their political cause long before the facts are in.  And they join President Trump in applauding the heroism of the first responders, saved countless live with their rapid response.

Breaking: Mass Shooting in Las Vegas


Police responded late Sunday night to reports of an active shooter situation at an outdoor country music festival near Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. In a briefing held just after 3 am ET, a public information officer for the Las Vegas PD said that one suspect is down. He advised everyone to avoid the Las Vegas Strip. From ABC News:

Officials at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas told ABC News that it had at least 20 victims with gunshot wounds right now, with the number expected to grow. The hospital did not provide information on the victims’ conditions…

“They were firing from somewhere high, and they were unloading clip after clip after clip after clip,” a witness told Nathan O’Neal, a reporter for a local news station, KSNV News. “It was hundreds of shots.”

Ricochetti Adventures in Vegas and LA


I previously posted about our hot weekend (113°F) in Vegas at FreedomFest 2017 whilst interviewing a treasure trove of luminaries, but I left off details and photos of our two meet ups from the weekend. The first, on Friday night was hosted by @addictionisachoice:

@cowgirl and Addiction Is a Choice are in the rear of the photo, with virtuoso pianist Hyperion Knight to the right of him, then me, @nicegrizzly, and @Whiskeypolitics Dave. On the other side of the table, @docjay is seated next to Cowgirl, and next to him we have three guests who will be joining Ricochet soon: Garin Bader, fantastic magician and pianist who performs regularly and is a friend of Hyperion’s, and Nancy and her daughter, Sarah.

Say Hello to the Las Vegas Raiders … Eventually


The NFL owners have voted (by a vote of 31-1) to allow the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas. What’s not clear is exactly when the move will take place. A new $1.9 billion dollar stadium (which would make it the most expensive stadium to date) is planned to be built in Las Vegas but is not scheduled to be open until 2020.

The Raiders will play in Oakland in 2017 and have an option in Oakland for 2018. Whether Oakland will still want them in 2018 is probably an open question and, in any case, with the new stadium not ready until 2020, arrangements will need to be made for a stadium and a city to play in for the 2019 season.

This article from a week ago in the San Jose Mercury News discusses the business plan and economics of the move for both the city of Las Vegas and for the Raiders.

The Strip


If there is a quiet space, they will pipe in music to fill it.  Where the pipes don’t reach, the street performers swarm, busking for dollars (or $5.00 if you want to take your picture with them).  The smell is unmistakable: a combination of cigarette smoke, booze, competing cherry and vanilla air fresheners, salted foods, body odor, perfumes, and waffle cones.

The people are dressed to the nines, barely dressed at all (sometimes both at once), slovenly and uncouth, or just tidy and unremarkable, and all intermixed at once.  You cannot drive anywhere, but then people don’t drive except to show off their rides, so you walk and walk up and down the bright streets, over the elevated walkways, and through the gaming floors with their miasma of smoke and hammering noise.

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Most folks will be getting into town at some point on Friday afternoon or evening.  I am no Las Vegas pro.  If anything, I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-within-reason kind of girl.  In this spirit, I’m giving general ideas up for suggestion or change.  Suggestions will be taken before Wednesday next week.  After that, it’s too close to […]

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