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The Answer to a Question That Nobody is Asking


How’s this for the saddest sentence one could construct in modern American life?: Larry King interviewed Jon Huntsman on Ora.tv yesterday. You know … sweeps season and all. 

The interview, conducted in the break room of King’s rest home, is an awkward affair to watch, especially because King is drinking from a coffee mug with his own silhouette on it, an act with implications too profoundly Freudian to contemplate. Huntsman — sporting an electric blue tie, hair perfectly coiffed — casts the same image you may remember from the 2012 election: guy at the Newport Beach Starbucks who holds up the line with questions about how their soy milk is sourced.

If Piers Morgan Can’t Do It …


Somewhat overshadowed by the news that Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman next year, CNN President Jeff Zucker announced today that his network is giving up on the primetime talk show format (this is how completely snakebit Zucker is — he even gets outprogrammed when announcing business decisions).

The time slot formerly occupied by Larry King and then Piers Morgan will now belong to unscripted series helmed by the likes of Mike Rowe and John Walsh.