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Do We Finally Give Obama a Pass?


Obama_lame_duck3Recently I wrote a post about Obama’s visiting a mosque affiliated with terrorist groups; it was his first visit to a mosque in the U.S. I was thinking it over, wondering if I’d seen any other recent posts about Obama, and I couldn’t think of any. Then it hit me. We’ve all checked out on Obama.

Here’s my thinking: Obama is now old news. He’s betrayed the Constitution and our allies, our citizens, and our mission in the world. He’s violated the presidential office and run circles around Congress by legislating through executive orders. And it seems that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. We just have to muddle through the next nine months. No point in beating a dead horse, right?


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The entire idea of representatives voting, after being voted out of office, has always bothered me.  The morality is dicey at best, and fraught with potential abuse.  The historical delay between elections and the convening of the ‘new’ congress was based on travel by horse.   It’s time for a change.  Except in the case of […]

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