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On November 23, 2021, Senator Lyin’ Lizzie Warren’s (credit Scott Johnson) office put out an inflation blame diverting press release and sent a letter to a series of named natural gas producers. Surprisingly, one of the named companies refused to be frozen, and responded with publication of a responsive letter to Sen. Warren. This act […]

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The Masks Slip: Pfizer, the Squad, and the Virus


justice and COVID-19Rep. Rashida Tlaib said the quiet part out loud, and Pfizer committed real science on hidden camera, while the lab-leak story kept trickling out. We have all seen the video clips and photographs of politicians, including bureaucrats, posing on camera with masks while unmasking immediately off set. Tlaib is the first to plainly acknowledge the playacting, the political theater. Pfizer was stung by Project Veritas. Both videos come by way of citizen journalists, not the well-funded mega-media franchises.

Here is Tlaib unmasking the truth, even knowing that she was being filmed.

Psychiatrists Need an Intervention


Goldwater TrumpThis is shaping up to be another very instructive week, as more people who most Americans used to take somewhat seriously dash their reputations on the rocks of reality. Consider the really important, consequential stuff that happened in London this week, laid out in “‘Interagency Consensus DIME’ Not Worth a Plugged Nickel on NATO” and “Real Leadership, Real Statesmanship: President Trump at NATO.” Contrast the actual, on camera, behavior and results of President Donald J. Trump with the fevered fantasy of credentialed quacks; “mental health professionals” who used the Goldwater Rule for kindling on the bonfire of their hate for us and our president:

In an email forwarded to PJ Media, three psychiatrists with the coalition ask other psychiatrists to sign on to a petition to the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee to include a statement on Trump’s supposed mental instability into the official record of the impeachment inquiry.

Now, pay very close attention to the ringleaders’ affiliations [emphasis added]: