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Ace shared an article a few days that captured feelings that I have but hadn’t put words to. Naomi Wolf wants closure for the last two years and people responsible for the destruction and lies to pay consequences. Last August, my abusive governor reimplemented an indoor mask mandate, temporarily. Anyone who’d been paying attention knew […]

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COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests have turned race and racism into hot topics in both the United States and China. Throughout the pandemic, President Trump has been condemned as a racist for labeling the coronavirus “Kung Flu,” “China virus,” and “Wuhan virus.”

Meanwhile, protestors and rioters throughout the country—from New York to Minneapolis to Portland—have been violently assailing America as one big racist enterprise for the past two plus months. China has eagerly fanned this narrative to deflect criticisms of its human rights abuses.

My COVID Experience Today


Maybe about two months ago our office opened back up to allow the construction contractors to return and resume the renovation work. Because of the nature of the space, they have to be escorted and we worked out shifts so people only had to watch them a few hours each week. Four weeks ago we were allowed to come back in teams, one week in the office and one week at home continuing telework. This is my week off but this morning I received a call that one of the contractors had tested positive for Kung Flu this weekend. I didn’t get all of the details but he claims to be asymptomatic but got tested. The last time he was in our space was the end of May, which was my week off.

We had a staff meeting at three with some details. They’ve closed our building for a week. The military members have to get tested. Civilians can’t be forced to get the test, but can’t return for fourteen days. My boss went to a testing location that closed at three and said that he’d have results in one to three days. I looked online to see if any other places were still open. One down the street was, so I drove over. I entered the lobby, answered no to having any symptoms. When I mentioned that I might have had contact at work, I was told that they had to do curbside testing, which is only done at three of their other locations.