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Anti-Christian Bigotry is Alive and Well in Congress but The Knights of Columbus Stand Exuberantly Clad in the Naked Public Square


Those saviors of our Republic, the Democrats, are at it again. Having spared us the dread of Amy Coney Barrett as a Justice of the Supreme Court by having Senator Dianne Feinstein attack her during her confirmation hearings to the US Circuit Court and show us that the Catholic dogma lives loudly within her, the Democrats have struck again. This time, Senators Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono attacked Brian Beuscher, who is up for nomination to the US District Court, for being a member of the “extremist” organization the Knights of Columbus.

Nevermind that there cannot be a religious test for public office, these guys dress funny and do such radical things as drive the elderly to mass, hold fish fries during Lent, focus on charity work for the poor, disabled, and orphaned, and are pro-life. They must be stopped. (This is why JFK was not put on Mt. Rushmore – he was a knight for crying out loud.)

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It is time for an update on the worldwide jihad of Muslim attacks on Christians.  If you have been relying on mass media to keep you informed, then there is a lot that you just don’t know.  This is an ongoing story that our Leftist mass media have shown no interest in conveying to Americans, […]

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