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10 Years of ‘Addiction Is a Choice!’


I joined Ricochet on September 22, 2012.  I was a “lurker,” dying to comment, so I took the plunge — and my comments were generally well-received. Bonus!  I had found my home. Aside from a years-ago, moderator-interrupted dustup with @bryangstephens  (“About what I have no idea“), I have loved every minute of Ricochet.

I have commented over 1,900 times; authored over 200 posts with nine going to the Main Feed; and for nigh-on three years, I have curated the essential, can’t-miss “Saturday Night Radio.” (Which accounts for most of my 200+ posts.)

I do not live on the computer, but I do live here. Ricochet is my home — and  I ain’t going nowhere!