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Okay, so it seems like every time we turn around, there’s another “special day” commemorating everything from hot dogs to potato chips. But I just learned that Wednesday was “World Kindness Day,” and my heart opened.


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Clearly, the Democrats don’t care about kindness. Their goals are strictly to search and destroy. I don’t know if they even know what it means to be kind to each other; too often, we see them attacking those who don’t line up with their cause. Kindness is probably a sign of weakness and vulnerability to them. Kindness is also an attribute that we may be in danger of losing as well, as Conservatives, if we aren’t careful.

Recently I had a conversation with a Ricochetti about kindness. We have different views on the meaning of the word, and another Ricochetti suggested one or both of us explore “kindness” in a post. And why it is so precious and hard to find.


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She quickly made her way to our table at Denny’s, pencil and pad in hand, a wide smile and a chipper energy. Can I get you some coffee? And then after getting the hot coffee, are you ready to order? When we weren’t, she said, take your time. And she really meant it. Breakfast was delicious. The waitress’ smile and sweetness throughout our breakfast, and her attentiveness, were the icing on the cake—or on the pancakes.

Then at Walmart, I was stuck in one of those endless lines. Fortunately I didn’t have many items. The man in front of me kept glancing back at me, his cart fairly full. Suddenly he turned around and said, you should go ahead, you don’t have that many items. I said, but I do, they’re just piled in this little section here, pointing to the place where children often sit. No, no you go ahead. It’s okay. So I did. As I was leaving, I looked back to thank him, and realized he’d let another women ahead of him.


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I sometimes wonder, if my co-worker had told any of us what he was planning to do, would we have responded with any more than a perfunctory, “that sounds nice, Paul.” Maybe. Or if he’d bothered to ask for permission from Management, first, would they have told him “no”? Possibly.

Paul lives alone on a large property in upstate New York, where he maintains a large and beautiful garden. Four nights a week, he comes into the city for his graveyard shifts in the word processing center of a large law firm where I do the same work by day.


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As I was reading and enjoying She’s lovely Surprise post this afternoon, my mind went back to an episode I witnessed almost exactly 3 years ago, one that deeply affected me at the time, and still does. I live outside the city proper, so the morning commute to get my kids to school and myself […]

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