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How to Assassinate a CIA Operative and Get Away With It


The Sheraton place of the Piano Bar and former American Embassy location

It was a hot day in a dusty city, Tbilisi the Capital of Georgia, there was little power and anarchy ruled in the streets. An oasis of calm, like a castle of old, stood on a hill just inside the eastern edge of the city the Sheraton “Metechi Palace” Hotel. With generators and money to burn the Hotel always had power and the owners of the Hotel were connected. The most powerful criminal organization in the country the “Knights” or Mkhedrioni provided security to the grounds. The American Embassy rented out entire floors and had their own security, among them were Delta Force Operators, and Freddie Woodruff long-time Soviet Expert and CIA Station Chief in charge of the Delta Force mission and charged with monitoring the KGB led drug trade through Georgia.

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The Soviet Union was renowned for its ability to penetrate Western intelligence services during the Cold War. Less known are Western intelligence agencies penetrating the Soviet Union’s services. The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War, by Ben Macintyre, relates one penetration, perhaps the most spectacular. It tells of Oleg […]

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Alarm Over Russian Interference Is Beyond Silly


Of course, the Russians (and Chinese and others) tried to interfere with our elections. They have been doing it since the origination of the KGB in 1954. In his seminal book on the history of Russian intelligence, The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and The Secret History of the KGB (1999), Christopher Andrew sites dozens of examples of KGB interference including some fun tidbits about KGB covert operations against former President Ronald Reagan, which began five years before he became president.

What has happened to our educated classes in America? As kids, we learned in Mr. Lafontaine’s 6th grade Social Studies class that the Russians were causing street demonstrations, placing false op-eds, and buying off journalists to try to get Richard Nixon elected because Kennedy was touting the Missile Gap, back in 1960.

We had to read The Ugly American by Lederer Burdick, which was filled with countless stories of the Russians using disinformation (we’d send wheat to some African nation, and upon its arrival, the Russian bureaucrats would stamp the bags “A gift from Russia,” before distributing them). These tales are etched in our brains.

The Americans: The Best, Most Subversively Conservative Show on Television


The_Americans(Author’s note: Though this review discusses some elements from the show, it is spoiler-free and makes no reference to specific plot points.)

The year is 1981. Philip and Elizabeth Jennings (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) live in Falls Church, Virginia, just outside the District of Columbia. They are the owners of the DuPont Circle Travel Agency and have two children, Paige and Henry. They’re also KGB agents — but not just any KGB spies — deep cover operatives. Though born in Russia, they’ve lived most of their lives in the United States, were assigned to usurp the identities of American children who died young, and pose as loyal and faithful citizens while carrying out espionage. That is the premise of the FX Network’s series The Americans.

It’s hard to say whether the writers of the show have intended for this to be the message, but what consistently strikes me is how unambiguously good the life in the United States is depicted as in comparison to that in the Soviet Union. The writers put this on display repeatedly through the tensions that develop between the show’s titular couple.

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http://dailycaller.com/2015/03/02/obama-unveils-national-obamalaw-plan/2/ Obama hinted that his plan to centralize policing rules is likely to face widespread opposition. “Law enforcement is largely a local function as opposed to a federal function…A lot of our work is going to involve local police chiefs, local elected officials, states recognizing that the moment is now for us to make these changes.” […]

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