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I’m waiting for a sane Democrat (oxymoron alert) to say that it’s “darkest before dawn.” It would at least add a little levity to the negotiations that resemble more a locker room brawl that is spilling out onto the field for everyone to see. Nancy Pelosi broke her promise to vote Thursday on a bipartisan […]

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Campaign Cash: Tectonic Shifts Underway


One of the consequences of making occasional political contributions is that they result in perpetual fundraising appeals, especially via email and text. Joining political organizations that sell their lists is another way to find an avalanche of appeals in your inbox.

But as a former campaign operative of many years in many states, I find them instructive, even canaries in the coal mine. For example, this one that I received Monday from Sen. McConnell’s campaign organization.

Adam Schiff Ties the Hands of Republicans on the Intel Committee


When it comes to the Intel Committee, most people are expressing their dislike and disdain for Adam Schiff, who appears to have no intention of following precedent regarding the committee he rules . . . er, leads. We could spend much time parsing the meaning of the telephone transcript, or Adam Schiff’s inability to tell the truth, but I was glad to see the Republicans call out Schiff’s ignoring the rules of the Intel Committee. He’s been busy ignoring or revising the rules to suit his agenda.

Kevin McCarthy finally called for Nancy Pelosi to stop the impeachment inquiry “until transparent and equitable rules and procedures are established to govern the inquiry as is customary.”

From all appearances, the House Intel Committee and Adam Schiff appear to want to control and dominate proceedings and shut out the Republicans as much as possible. I doubt that the Republicans will be able to have him removed. They do, however, have ways to make his rogue activities more difficult.

Ryan and Reconciliation Is a Powerful Combination


Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference, March 6, 2014.Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com

As of this writing House Ways and Means chairman Paul Ryan has not decided whether to run for Speaker. He has been bombarded by all the Republican factions. Even Mitt Romney says the Wisconsinite can unify the Republican conference and take the job. I applaud Ryan’s leadership and policy skills and think he would make a good speaker.

Paul Ryan for Speaker?


593px-Paul_Ryan_at_Utah_fundraiser_2012With Kevin McCarthy out, Rep. Paul Ryan is — inevitably — under immense pressure to run for speaker of the house and to give Boehner a way out of it. Ryan, however, has made it abundantly clear for years that he does not want the job.

Every politician under the sun talks about their family when choosing not to run for some higher office, so it’s no surprise that Ryan says he wants to be based in Janesville, Wisconsin and see his three kids as much as possible. But every remotely fair-minded reporter I’ve read ends up convinced that Paul Ryan actually means it and isn’t merely being coy.

He also means it when he says — as he has for years — that he’s a policy guy, not a political guy. He doesn’t want to round up votes; he wants to focus on ideas. He’s in his niche right now, and not easily replaced. Forcing him into a job outside his natural talent could destroy his ability to be the party’s de facto policy leader, and he knows it. And yet, if he were persuaded it were his duty for the good of the country, I think he would do it.

How Would You React to a Coalition Majority in the House?


Now that Kevin McCarthy has dropped out of the running to be Speaker John Boehner’s replacement, and given the lack of any clear alternative (who actually wants the job?), some are floating the the idea of a coalition:

One crossover vote — from one member, in one election — does not a precedent make. But Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA) nonetheless told CNN minutes after McCarthy withdrew, to elect the next Speaker “we [may] have to assemble a bipartisan coalition, that’s the reality of this place.”

Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of House Speaker Race


Rep. Kevin McCarthyShocking development in the race to replace Speaker of the House John Boehner:

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has dropped out of elections for House Speaker, shocking Capitol Hill and raising questions about who can possibly lead the House Republican conference.

Republicans were to meet Thursday at noon to elect a new Speaker. Instead, they received the surprising news from McCarthy.

‘Uncommon Knowledge’ Flashback: Kevin McCarthy on the GOP House


House majority leader Kevin McCarthy is being mentioned as a possible replacement for departing Speaker of the House John Boehner. In this Uncommon Knowledge interview recorded a year ago, Peter Robinson sits down with the Bakersfield congressman to discuss his role in the House, the future of California, and actions taken on the border. McCarthy began his own business at age 19, eventually went on to work in the California State Assembly, and was elected to Congress in 2006.

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Yes, Mitch McConnell slipped it into his version of the highway bill.  Judging by the vote for it — every Democrat and 24 Republicans — it might look like game over. But the House leadership isn’t playing along.  They passed their own bill, without the Ex-Im, and Kevin McCarthy says they’re not in the least interested in rushing […]

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Slipping the Surly Bonds


shutterstock_251316592In my lifetime, I believe that the greatest symbol of American exceptionalism has been NASA, the United States space program, and the American flag that waves (in a manner of speaking) over the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon. In an age when anti-American, anti-imperialist sentiment was building steam, America may not have been universally loved, but it was universally respected. In a rickety vessel that now seems more primitive than the boats in which Columbus sailed the Atlantic, three Americans blasted off, crossed an empty void, landed on a new world and, just to show off, televised the whole thing. And the reaction of the whole world to this incredible spectacle was: “well, of course it is the Americans.”

You had to think twice before you’d mess with someone who could do that.

It boggles the mind that that first voyage was nearly a half-century ago and it is more astonishing still that, after the Apollo program, the feat has yet to be repeated.

Kevin McCarthy, Standing Athwart Jerry Brown


In the final clip from my recent conversation with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy for Uncommon Knowledge, we turn to California politics — specifically to the future of the Golden State’s high-speed rail project, a topic on which McCarthy has become a thorn in the side of Governor Jerry Brown:

The People’s House


McCarthyWhen I interviewed him yesterday for Uncommon Knowledge, Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California, the new House Majority Leader, stressed the truly democratic character of the House of Representatives.  Members of the House, he said with real affection for the institution, come from all walks of life.  He spoke with particular pride of having persuaded a farmer from Frog Jump, Tennessee — of all places — to run for the House in 2010… a farmer who is now known as Congressman Stephen Fincher.

Here’s the way Leader McCarthy summed it up:

I think of the Senate as a country club.  The House of Representatives is more like a diner.

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Welcome to my semi-annual contemplation of life after Boehner, a habit of rumination so successful that there was an actual ruckus in 2012 as rumors of a Republican revolt against Boehner in the House, played up ominously until the day of the vote when it fizzled like a bottle rocket in a tidal wave from […]

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