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‘Fault Lines’: A Book Review


One benefit of driving across the United States these past couple of weeks is the opportunity to catch up with terrific audiobooks. One was Dr. Wilfred McClay’s fabulous “Our Land of Hope,” the best survey of American history I’ve read to date, published in 2019. The second was “Fault Lines” by Voddie Baucham Jr., a prominent Southern Baptist African American pastor and divinity school dean.

Wow. And what makes Baucham’s book launch and tour earlier this summer all the more impressive was the time he spent at the Mayo Clinic, recovering from heart surgery.

Both books have attracted a lot of attention, but Baucham’s “Fault Lines” strikes a chord in tackling the cultural issue du jour – Critical Race Theory (CRT). A quick search for reviews of the book underscores that. While Baucham’s book focuses on the battle over social justice raging within evangelical churches, it is valuable for anyone seeking to understand CRT and its growing global march across many institutions.

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The Gosnell movie is being smothered, with the intention of driving it off the movie screens. After the first week of release, on 700 screens, the silence is stunning. The media is treating the movie just like they treated the trial. They are pretending it isn’t happening.  It took a social media storm, including this photograph […]

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Thoughts on the Gosnell Movie


Earlier today, I went to see the Gosnell movie, a movie which is going to change the debate about abortion forever. I was surprised by the part of the movie that affected me most deeply; in a movie that was totally about babies, the part that moved me the most wasn’t really about the babies. It was the scene in which an actress playing Gosnell’s daughter makes a very brief appearance.

That must sound so strange. Please let me explain: I am the daughter of two people who have been very active in the pro-life movement since before I was born. I have always been well aware of the horrors of abortion, and I was prepared when I walked into the movie theater to be horrified by what was done to those babies. I was also aware that abortion hurts and sometimes kills women. I was prepared for that too. I also knew that abortionists are often — to put it mildly — incompetent doctors. That part didn’t surprise me either. But the very brief shot of Gosnell’s daughter shook me to my core.

Gosnell: Averting Our Eyes From a Serial Killer


http://wilkesbarrescrantonig.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2013/07/Kermit-Gosnell.jpgGosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer is must-see cinema. It reveals very inconvenient truths, from which we, as a society, have averted our eyes and stopped our ears. For many years, in Philadelphia, poor women, and their newborn infants, were prey to a serial killer, given license to kill by state authorities. When police stumbled upon the killer’s lair, in a prescription drug raid, the powers of the state, and the media, were bent towards denying or disappearing the truth. This is not fiction. The killer, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, was convicted on three counts of first degree murder, one count of involuntary manslaughter, and a mind-numbing number of lesser charges. Go see this movie, to understand what is really driving the battle for the Supreme Court.

Be assured, this PG-13 film does not contain blood and gore. Instead, the filmmakers skillfully convey outrage and horror, through the actors’ reactions, to things the camera slides past. Among the talent involved, Andrew Klavan wrote the teleplay, Nick Searcy directed, and the husband and wife team of Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, wrote the screenplay and produced. The movie was crowdfunded through Indiegogo, raising $2.3 million dollars after Kickstarter dumped them, allegedly for political reasons.

Gosnell makes the absolute most of its limited budget. This is no Hallmark movie. It is no Christian schlock movie. It is a small masterpiece.

First Trailer Out for Gosnell Movie


After interference by Hollywood, tech companies, and the courts, the creators of a movie based on Kermit Gosnell have finally released the first trailer.

A 2014 grand jury report accused Gosnell of killing hundreds of newborns over the course of decades in Philadelphia. He was ultimately convicted of three counts of first-degree murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter.

Andrew Klavan is the novelist, screenwriter, columnist and commentator. In this conversation with Rob Long, he discusses how his faith informs his work, how he became a conservative, and a preview of Gosnell, the upcoming movie Andrew wrote about abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Winning The Abortion Debate


shutterstock_155127419A few months back, I posted about a sex selection abortion ban in California being voted down on party lines. I went toe-to-toe with several folks on Ricochet as to the efficacy of the law and whether or not it could be enforceable. We had a nice debate on it, but I want to focus on one big benefit to putting a bill like this up for a vote. We have them on record voting “yes” to gendercide.

Most pro-choice Americans get queasy at the idea that someone could justify an abortion solely on disapproving of the child’s gender, i.e., it being a girl. Forcing Democrats to vote on this bill exploits that unease and gives us something to fight back with, especially with regards to the so-called “War on Women.” The next time a Democrat accuses his opponent of “not caring about a woman’s choice” or about women’s “reproductive health,” the Republican candidate can point to these votes and ask her opponent whether he — like all other Democrats who voted on the bill — thinks it’s okay to abort a baby for the crime of being a girl. Wait for  an answer, and don’t let him weasel out of it. If Democrats want a war on women, we’ll give them a war on women.

There are other arrows pro-life candidates can pull from their quivers. You know how Democrats like to hammer everyone about “women’s health,” which is now the most important thing in the world? Then ask why so few abortion clinics in Democrat-run cites like Philadelphia (hello, Kermit Gosnell) and New York inspected for sanitary standards like other medical clinics. Remember that bill that Wendy Davis — the “Abortion Barbie” as some have dubbed her — filibustered in her pink sneakers? That was the meat of the bill.

Update on the Gosnell Movie


gosnellmovieErstwhile Ricochet contributor Andrew Klavan has been hired to write the screen play for the Gosnell Movie, the film’s producers, Magdalena Segiedam, Ann McElhinney, and Phelim McAleer announced today. The Gosnell Movie gained widespread attention — in conservative circles, at least — this spring with a successful Indigogo funding campaign that raised over $2,200,000. In an email this afternoon to supporters who had donated to the campaign, the film makers stated, “We are delighted that Andrew [has] agreed to write the screenplay.”

In addition to his work on Ricochet, Klavan is known for his extensive writing, including the novel True Crime, which Clint Eastwood made into a movie of the same name. Klavan also penned the script to the Michael Caine movie, A Shock to the System. He also does some kind of video commentary thing about culture, which is unimportant compared to his connection to Ricochet.

The Gosnell Movie film makers further praised Klavan in their email to supporters: “[Drew] is unafraid of the darkest parts of this story and sees, despite all the horror perpetrated by Gosnell, hope and light in the many real heroic characters that finally ensured justice was done. He also understands that the story needs to be told in an entertaining and accessible way to reach the widest audience possible.”