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The Anti-American Violence Plaguing the US and How to Solve It


The United States of America is increasingly under assault from an anti-American mob that has gained mainstream prominence across the country. This mob has ravaged major US cities for weeks on end, torn down historical monuments, and murdered innocent citizens.

At a recent Oakland “Black Lives Matter” event, “protestors” chanted “death to America” — an anti-American death threat used by Iranian government officials. These same “protestors” hurled projectiles at police officers, set trucks on fire, and vandalized buildings.

The American Meltdown


Police confront rioters, South Portland, OR, Aug. 20.

It’s now a common trope to claim that the United States is so deeply racist that massive structural changes are needed in how government and private institutions operate. That dangerous claim has gained exceptional influence at all levels of education—from elementary school to graduate-level programs. But this idea rests on a wholly misguided understanding of the facts on the ground.

It is surely correct to mourn the death of any individual, regardless of cause. But it is also imperative not to make false causal accusations, as protesters have done, by attributing the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other African Americans to entrenched police brutality and institutional racism. It is not just activists who make this claim. It also our governing organizations. The New Jersey Educational Association uses the Black Lives Matter banner to advocate a major reformation of the education system: “It is impossible to see the video of [Floyd] being strangled under the knee of a police officer in broad daylight on a public street and not be disgusted, horrified, angry, [and] sad.”

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How my city is making Lemonade from really sour stuff. The downtown and uptown areas are changing the look of destruction to KenoshaStrong. I’ve made a public album in Google Photos. The 93 photos in the book are not even 50% of all the artwork in the city. My phone battery died before I could […]

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The Truth About the Jacob Blake Shooting


New evidence presented in the shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha Police officer suggests that not only was that shooting totally lawful and justified, but it may also have saved several lives. Blake was armed with a knife, lunging for what officers reasonably believed was another weapon, and potentially attempting to steal his ex-girlfriend’s car and abduct their children.

“The lawyers for Mr. Blake, among others, have continued to provide false and misleading ‘facts’ to the public, in what can only be considered a ploy for attention and sympathy,” said Kenosha Professional Police Association attorney Brendan Matthews. “Unfortunately, even the incident update from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI)–the agency charged with investigating the incident independently–is riddled with incomplete information, and omits important details that would help to paint a more complete picture of the incident.”

DCI on Wednesday confirmed that “Kenosha Police Department officers were dispatched” to Blake’s ex-girlfriend’s home after she said Blake “was present and was not supposed to be on the premises.” Officers tried to arrest Blake and even “deployed a taser to attempt to stop Mr. Blake, however, the taser was not successful in stopping” him. Blake then walked around what was presumed to be his SUV and when he “leaned forward” into it, an officer shot him seven times.

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I woke up this morning  thinking  I need  to get active again  on Ricochet.   Sorry I’ve been away so long . With Trump coming to my hometown  on Tuesday,  I need to give the Richochetti a street eye view of what has happened  in the last week.  Please  let me know what questions you have […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they highlight the best moments of Tuesday evening at the Republican National Convention, including a pardon, a citizenship ceremony, and rising GOP figure. They also lament the latest destruction and violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following a police-involved shooting a few days ago. And they react to a sudden call from CNN host Don Lemon for Joe Biden to condemn the violence in cities because “it’s showing up in the polling.”