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Property Ownership Fairness Act: Protecting Property Rights


property-rightsBy Timothy and Christina Sandefur

Nearly a decade ago, the United States Supreme Court delivered one of the most controversial decisions in its history, Kelo v. City of New London, upholding a decision by state officials to seize private homes through eminent domain to make way for a massive redevelopment project to benefit powerful private developers. The ruling triggered outrage across the political spectrum. In response, Americans sought to safeguard their property rights through reforms at the state level. While some of these endeavors were successful, most were hampered by loopholes or ineffective tinkering with procedural details, thus leaving property rights as vulnerable as ever.

Arizona was different. In 2006, that state’s voters overwhelmingly approved the Private Property Rights Protection Act, one of the strongest protections for property rights in the nation. The Act is an excellent model for states that want to provide meaningful security for one of the most essential human rights: the right to ownership.

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Back in 2005, my family lived in Groton, Connecticut, where my enlisted Navy husband worked at the sub base. I found a job at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals’ New London headquarters, editing and preparing documents for the FDA. Good job, but every morning for the first month my work commute took me through a crowd of protesters. There […]

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