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Kayleigh Crushes Them


Kayleigh McEnany Beast ModeKayleigh McEnany took the leftist jackals of the press corps down to the canvas repeatedly and unleashed devastating rhetorical fists and elbows. The jackals cannot help themselves, anymore than the scorpion on the river bank. Monday, August 31, we witnessed a work of art.

Ladies and gentlemen! Set down your beverage and prepare for the main event with the reigning, the undisputed women’s flyweight champion of the political world. In the words of Bruce Buffer: “Iiiiiiits Tiiime!”

Full Speed Friday!


President TrumpFriday, July 24, was not a slow news day. Indeed the Trump White House was in overdrive. Kayleigh McEnany started with a reminder of the basic duty of government to uphold the law on our streets, and the dramatic failure of Democrats and their media wing to stand with decent citizens against anarchists, socialist thugs, and rioters. President Trump awarded the Medal of Freedom to a distinguished high school and Olympic athlete, former Congressman Jim Ryun. Ryun spoke up for honoring our country and the flag which stands for it. The core of his remarks was grounded in his Christian faith: “To God be the glory.  Great things He has done.” Finally, President Trump unleashed four powerful executive orders, slaughtering sacred cows neither party would touch for decades. He used his pen for the people, attacking the major causes of inflated prescription drug prices.

Crush’em Kayleigh! Kayleigh McEnany started with a short video showing the American people the violence of the falsely labeled “protests,” then closed with a short video showing police in a positive light.

Twofer Tuesday: President Trump and Kayleigh McEnany Speak


Trump and McEnanyIt was a twofer Tuesday at the White House. Early in the day, Kayleigh McEnany delivered her usual elegant evisceration of the press pool jackals. President Trump then tagged and rolled in with a solo performance in a tight and disciplined 26 minutes. Off-camera, he took consequential action with his pen, signing an executive order on the Census. I extensively annotated and selectively bolded the official transcripts, presented below for your consideration. Tuesday’s performance by the president was markedly better, tighter, more disciplined, than many in the past. Or that is my view. I especially welcome feedback from those who have been supportive of his policies but off-put by his presentation manner in press conferences.

[Author’s note: Ricochet members and readers are perfectly able to index and regularly scan official sources, but most of us do not have that interest. I hope that this occasional series of official video and transcripts adds value to Ricochet, as good, factual reporting does elsewhere. Yes, I add my opinion and analysis in and around the official facts of what was spoken. And. This injection of opinion within long transcripts is clearly set off in brackets. You read, you decide. Why transcripts? Because text is so much faster than the spoken word. You can read closely or just skim for highlights so much faster than comprehensible speech. Why video? Because important parts of our communication are tone and physical gesture.]

Kayleigh McEnany opened with law and order, framing the administration’s response in Portland, Oregon. She closed with a defense of Dr. Birx, as a woman who is a true medical expert, who rose to the rank of colonel, and who fought HIV/AIDS. McEnany waved the 400-page notebook full of medical data Dr. Birx delivers to every governor weekly and denounced the New York Times for smearing her. President Trump briefed exclusively on COVID-19 for 14 minutes, then took questions for 12 minutes. The net result was good communication on both major issues the left intends to use to win in November. In his office, the President signed an executive order, and issued a statement, directing the Secretary of Commerce to exclude illegal aliens from the electoral apportionment report, a commonsense action. I leave aside all the actions being taken by the Vice President, First Lady, and Second Lady, cited with links at the end of this post.

Kayleigh McEnany Lowers Boom on Leftist Propagandists


I noted a week ago that White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had opened two weeks in a row with a remembrance of all the black lives that do not matter to the Marxists running Black Lives Matter, the DNC, and their media jackals. I showed that the press corps completely ignored and buried that news in their half-hour hate. I concluded that Kayleigh McEnany should continue the demonstration of real care for all black lives this Monday and then slam the trap shut when the leftists again ignore black lives lost on our city streets. She did, and it was a thing of beauty, “all black lives matter:”

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany
Issued on: July 6, 2020

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

A Memorable Start to Memorial Day Weekend 2020


It was another week ending with beauties and beast-mode from the White House.

President Trump took a road trip beyond a military port, going to a Ford plant where they converted to ventilator production. The President had a great visit, no thanks to the incompetent fascist Democrat governor of Michigan. He did his usual best with a string of forgotten men and women proudly talking about their part in keeping Ford tough:

Beauty Goes Beast-mode


The opening moments of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s second press conference called to mind a dominant mixed martial arts fighter taking down her opponent in the very first exchange of a championship bout. Since the UFC rules provide for championship fights of 5 five minute rounds, it was fitting that McEnany closed out the briefing in just under 25 minutes. I thought of women’s featherweight and bantamweight champion Amanda “Lioness” Nunes, but then thought that, in terms of style, Valentina “Bullet” Shevchenko was a better analogy.

What on earth am I talking about? Mixed martial arts have become just that, taking successful techniques from all unarmed “pure” combat sports. You may recall that an Olympic judoka, Ronda Rousey, established women’s place in the UFC. You may not know that she was ultimately driven out of the sport by effective strikers, ultimately dispatched to big time wrastlin’ by Amanda Nunes’ devastating combination of punches and Brazilian jujitsu takedown and grappling defense.

Rousey, you see, never learned a few basic wrestling moves, called “takedowns.” That is, she was always looking for a standup flip or throw rather than “changing levels,” dropping under her opponent’s fists to drive her shoulders through the thighs or hips. This is called “shooting,” as the fighter are dropping and driving forward or at an angle with the full power of your rear leg. From that move, she can get into all sorts of striking or grappling attacks. Here is what that basic move looks like on a training mat:

Proper Priorities: Press Secretary Briefing May 8


Press Secretary McEnany had her priorities straight. She opened the briefing with a tribute to World War II veterans, then recited in detail the great injustice done to a true man of honor, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. After that, she opened the floor to questions (attack sound bites) and commanded the high ground with a smile, finally dismissing the pack of propagandists as tardy to an event with the president.

Notice how the focus by the White House press corps has shifted away from COVID-19. See how they are shifting to other lines of attack. I recently rapidly read The Reagan Diaries and was struck by his repeated entries about the unfairness, the bias, the flat-out fictions, of the press. President Reagan repeatedly expressed the opinion to his daily diary that the press was out to get him, not interested in the truth.

White House Week: A Very Different Bookend [Weekend Update]


[Updated with highlighted transcripts, commentary, and more video.]

The last week of April started with a Monday like recent Mondays, President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force battling the Democrats posing as reporters. President Trump then changed the media programming formula with a very different look Tuesday through Thursday. There were meetings with three governors, one Republican and two Democrats. The president and the governors came across as competent leaders working together through a crisis. There were events highlighting one group or another of Americans affected by both the virus and the known side effects of Dr. Fauci’s prescription for America. Meanwhile, the Vice President was out of Washington, visiting the Mayo Clinic and then a repurposed GM plant where ventilators were already stacking up on shelves for shipment. I characterized the week as “from the White House Whirlwind Tuesday, through the Wednesday Whirlwind, to the Thursday Twister.” So, would there be another big-time wrestling battle royale on Friday?

No! Instead, President Trump turned the new queen of the cage, Kayleigh “Crusher” McEnany loose on the unsuspecting White House press corps. Their executives should have thrown in the towel, as she outmaneuvered the whole room. That happened earlier in the afternoon, clearing the way for another controlled, presidential event: “Presidential Recognition Ceremony: Hard Work, Heroism, and Hope.” You can hear the left grinding its teeth all across the country.