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Flake’s Unaware He’s In A War


Image result for Senator Flake AvenattiFor the past week, everyone I have come in contact with says they are furious. I am furious. Anger over the clearly politically driven power grab and coup attempt hijacking a constitutional process that was about to seat a Conservative appointee on the Supreme Court. Granted, most of my circle are right of center. My monthly cigar group is a seething, frothing group of men of a certain age who are incredulous over the blatantly political, rank accusations. However, what has surprised me are those friends who dislike, even despise President Trump, who are deeply uncomfortable with this sad, disgusting chapter in our country’s political history. They also believe this is a horrific political hit job on a decent man.

I am old enough to remember Obama’s liberal appointees — Justices Kagan and Sotomayer — enjoying their confirmation process with dignity and respect.

I remember Justice Clarence Thomas being branded and still being accused of sexual assault with zero proof.

Democrats Have Gone to the Mattresses. Someone Tell the Republicans.


 The Brett Kavanaugh nomination serves as a useful reminder of why about one-third of the US electorate are firm Trump supporters. While Democrats declare war in the Senate, Republicans are lining up to buy Kavanaugh’s accuser plane tickets. If Trump were chairman of the Judiciary Committee, do you think he’d respond to waking up with a horse’s head in his lap by asking Ms. Ford if she preferred a window or aisle? Of course not. He may lose an eye in the confrontation but you can be sure he’d emerge with Dianne Feinstein’s bloody ear clenched between his teeth.

Much has been said about the damage done to the institution by the Democrats’ petulance while ignoring the institutional damage done by Republicans in humoring them. “But the optics!” shout Republican pollsters. Whenever I hear the “optics” argument I can’t help but notice that it invariably refers to how things might likely appear to the Democrats’ base. To an extent, this makes sense as in lieu of workable ideas, “optics” is all the Democrats’ base has. But what about the Republican base? Isn’t abandoning fundamental principles of the Constitution also a “bad look?”

If there’s one aspect of this saga upon which there seems to be a consensus it’s that Dr. Ford’s voice “deserves to be heard.” I know it can’t be said in polite company but I will anyway: no she doesn’t. What she deserves is to be called what she is: a Democrat activist who’s smearing a good man’s name. No fewer than 65 women have testified on behalf of Kavanaugh’s character and my, understanding is that I’m obliged to believe the women. 

When and Where Are Missing


Kavanaugh’s accuser wants him to testify first. This is absurd. In a court case, the prosecution speaks first and then the defense responds. This is especially important in a situation where the accusation lacks important details. Using the old critical questions a report should ask:

1. Who: Brett Kavanaugh

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Senator Diane Feinstein and Christine Blasey Ford have direct responsibility for the trauma, abuse and harm that will follow Brett Kavanaugh and his family from now on. They have perpetrated a malicious character assassination attempt that will do a lot of direct and collateral damage to people and to institutions of this Republic. They did […]

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Absent More Information, Kavanaugh Must Be Confirmed


This isn’t a matter of “credibility,” though that’s how the left is going to try to play it. It isn’t about “always believing the woman” (an idiotic concept). It’s about provable or disprovable evidence. Absent that, the Senate must do what it would have done had the accusation not been made.

Here’s why. The Senate has a Constitutional obligation to confirm or reject this[*] appointment. While every Senator is free to use whatever criteria he or she chooses in determining how to vote, the Senate as a whole has a duty to uphold the Constitution — and that means that the Senate can’t act in such a way as to make fulfilling that Constitutional duty impossible for all future Senates and all future confirmations.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for September 19, 2018, it is the Supreme Gall Edition of the show (number…are you ready for it?? 192!!!!) with your galling hosts radio guy Todd Feinburg and AI guy Mike Stopa (right and left coast, respectively).

Today we discuss it. Yah, you know. Gotta do it. The Brett-man. He of the giant Kavs. Our next Supreme Court Justice if the wheels don’t completely fall off the cart…and his sexual assault accuser Christine Blasey Ford. Is it *only* any-means-is-justified for the proper end action by the Democrats or is their a shred of legitimacy in their claim that – now that the R’s have agreed to a hearing for BF – the hearing now has to be postponed until the FBI has done a full investigation? Mika Brzezinksi (*Mika Brzezinski*, for heaven’s sake!!!) says the Dems are moving the goal posts. What do we think? Gotta listen to hear.

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In addition to the several good discussions going on now in other threads, there’s an aspect of the Kavanaugh confirmation that came to my attention again today: the personal side of public service. It’s getting to the point now that non-Leftists who serve in government are subjected to harassment and vile accusations as a matter […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America are thoroughly disgusted as Senate Democrats unveil their talking points, simultaneously demanding an FBI investigation to the get to the truth of the allegation against Brett Kavanaugh and stating they believe the accuser.  They also shudder as Trump allies and the Republican National Committee are terrified that many Trump voters are thoroughly convinced the Democrats have no chance to win the midterm elections and suggest GOP turnout may suffer as a result.  And they unload on former George W. Bush strategist and current Never Trump ABC News figure Matthew Dowd for suggesting that we should always believe the female in “he said, she said” situations.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America savor three good martinis for conservatives.  First, they applaud Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse for reminding his fellow senators of the constitutional purpose of the judicial branch, how Brett Kavanaugh out to be evaluated, and why the political “charades” needs to stop.  They also cheer Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey for naming former Sen. Jon Kyl to replace John McCain in the U.S. Senate until the 2020 election.  And they welcome Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision not to seek another term and reflect on his disastrous record in both Washington and the Windy City.

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Hillary Clinton tells us that putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court “holds out the threat of devastating consequences for workers rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, women’s rights — including those to make our own health decisions.” She’s hardly alone: the left has gone full Cassandra since the announcement of Justice Kennedy’s retirement. We haven’t heard […]

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