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Dispatch from the “Liberals Destroy (or Try to) Everything They Touch” Front


This story about actress Keira Knightley showed up on the (increasingly tabloid-like) Fox News website this morning. The title of the story is “Keira Knightley slams Kate’s stylish post-birth appearance.” This person known as an actress simply cannot abide the fact that another beautiful woman (and Royal, too) presents a better appearance shortly after giving birth than she does. Knightley launches into a screed where she describes in detail her childbirth experience, and denigrates the Duchess of Cambridge’s pulled-together appearance. Instead of asking how she does it, and congratulating the Duchess on her beautiful third child, the actress tries her screechy best to take down the Duchess. Funny, but it really doesn’t work, but it does present the actress as a jealous harpy, which is probably not what she had in mind. Not terribly “knightly”, if you ask me.