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The Latest Numbers from Arizona (Monday Edition)


As expected, the votes broke the GOP’s way in Monday’s vote counts, but not nearly enough to give Republicans the lead in the remaining races. Katie Hobbs has been projected to beat Kari Lake in the gubernatorial race. The AG and Superintendent of Public Instruction contests are still too close to call, but the latter, Tom Horne, has just taken the lead.

Onto the numbers…


The Latest Numbers from Arizona (Sunday Edition)


Yes, Arizona is still counting. The only ballots remaining are mail-in ballots that were dropped off on election day itself, along with a minuscule number of provisional ballots. As I noted last night, from today on, these are expected to go the GOP’s way.

Sunday night’s numbers were good for the GOP, but not as great as expected. The elephants beat the donkeys by about 10 percent in this latest batch; they would have liked to see a victory closer to 15 percent.

Over the next few days, each count will favor Republicans slightly more. Onto the numbers…

The Latest Numbers from Arizona (Saturday Edition)


As mentioned in last night’s post, Arizona has now counted all the mail-in ballots received before election day and the regular election-day ballots. As of tonight, we are counting mostly “late earlies” — those mail-in ballots dropped off at polling places on election day itself.

Traditionally these have swung far to the right; we’re talking 75% GOP vs. 25% Democrat. Completely lopsided. Tonight was when the count was supposed to flip into the red column.

Yep. All but guaranteed. Money in the bank. A done deal.

The Latest Numbers from Arizona


Arizona is famously slow in counting votes. And since the debacle of 2020, state election officials have changed nothing. (I wrote about it here for the Arizona Republic.)

Adding to the confusion is that votes are counted in a specific order. The ballots tabulated so far were mailed in or dropped off before election day, and the ballots filed on election day itself. These tend to support the Democratic candidates. The last returns from these two categories were announced Friday night.

As of Friday night, some in the last category are added to the mix: the so-called “late earlies.” These are mail-in ballots dropped off at polling places on election day. These tend to support the Republican candidates, and the ballots are slower to count since election officials must verify the signature on the outer envelope before opening and counting. Observers for Democrats and Republicans are present throughout this process.

It’s Time for a Family Conversation, GOP


Dear fellow Republicans – especially those of you who remain loyal and ardently supportive of former President Donald Trump. We need to have a serious and frank family conversation.

I’m no “never Trumper.” I voted for Trump twice. Reluctantly the first time since I’d strongly supported my friend and former US Senator Rick Santorum’s (R-PA) candidacy for the GOP nomination, followed by US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), and then finally a vote in the Pennsylvania GOP primary in 2016 for US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Still, there was no way I was voting to help elect Hillary Clinton. Trump got my vote in 2016, Access Hollywood tape and all.

Since we are getting down to the wire, I thought we could talk about some of this cycle’s great slate of Republican candidates (and their Dem challengers that deserve to be voted out of office). Also, screw the idea of “pandemic amnesty,” and let’s get preppin’.

The ladies of the GOP are killing it this election cycle, plus Halloween candy prices skyrocket and the McRib is back.


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We’re finally in the final phases of the 2022 election. Campaigns, of course, start well before Labor Day, but it remains the traditional start of the general election campaign in most states (some, like New Hampshire, have late primaries). While roughly a third of voters typically make up their minds early, more than half often […]

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Fake Conservative PAC Attacks President Trump Endorsed Kari Lake


red and black heartA shadowy fake conservative political action committee ran an attack ad against Kari Lake, running for Arizona governor this year. The ad ran on the Sunday, final day, broadcast of the Waste Management Phoenix Open. This Professional Golf Association event is unique in its working-class, people’s tournament atmosphere, with a raucous crowd lining the course and no silence for every golf stroke. CBS carried the WM Phoenix Open, making this a large local market event in the hours before the Super Bowl. A quick search of both the state and federal databases shows this shadowy PAC is entirely off the radar. A reasonable conclusion is that we are seeing a technically independent Mitch McConnell/Kevin McCarthy/establishment GOP attack on the MAGA candidate.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open was great viewing, on the course or on-screen, with a hole-in-one on both Saturday and Sunday. “Clean up on 16” was the call on the famously loud hole with multistory viewing stands.