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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast number – god, what number *is* it???? – it is 195!!! closing in on the big 200 soon!

This is the podcast for ten-ten-twenty-eighteen and we are Todd Feinburg – radio guy – and Mike Stopa – your friendly Siri-substitute.

We forgot to mention, but certainly should have, that there are hundreds of actors in this two and a half minute video and only about three of them are so brazen and uncool as to be white. Not least of which is the star, Kendall Jenner. Which certainly is a slap in the face to the expectations of the Democratic voters who star in the thing and for whom it was made. After all, haven’t they been promised a world in which white people have been eliminated?

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Is All Reality TV Bad for You?


khloe-kardashian-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-season-4-premiere-121109-thumb-430x4502As the standard network television season comes to an end, we’re now faced with summer programs that are either there to fill time or gauge interest. It’s also the season for introducing low budget ideas, like reality shows.

Reality shows are the bane of Hollywood writers’ and critics’ existence. Networks like them because they cost nearly nothing to produce (think about it, they don’t have to even pay SAG day wages). The most important players in a reality show aren’t the hosts and it certainly isn’t any of the contestants, but rather the editor and the show runner. They are the people who craft the “story line” of even the silliest concepts, shaping the perception of the participants for maximum impact on viewers at home.

Hollywood producers are nothing if not frugal with their own money, so when these low-cost shows started pulling in huge advertising dollars, the reality show craze was born. Some long-time favorites began as summer programs, including “Survivor” and “American Idol.”

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Based on Jim Kearney’s Post , which makes sense to me. Trump supporters read “People magazine and can name Kardashians the way you know senators.” . So lets put that to a test. Here are some Kardashian tests, I found on the wild wild web. Please take as many as you can before throwing up, (and […]

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