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Join Jim and Greg for three crazy martinis today! First, they wade into the battle over how schools should open, with President Trump and teacher unions unsurprisingly on opposite sides of the debate.  Jim offers a highly entertaining theory on how a recent head injury may explain some of his troubling decisions. And they have a lot of fun dissecting the new presidential campaign of Kanye West.

et tu, Chick-fil-A?


Unlike Kanye, I have never written a song comparing my beloved to Chick-fil-A though it might work just plugging it in to Shakespeare’s Sonnet #18: Shall I compare thee to a Chick-fil-A?  Like most people, Christians included, I just enjoyed a good chicken sandwich.  I also appreciated a rare corporate entity that offered a polite nod to my faith instead of trying to make me forget it or apologize for it.  

So, I was quite taken aback to see news reports that Chick-fil-A would end its support for so-called “anti-LGBT groups.”  Who are these groups?  The Salvation Army and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Huh?  Labeling these organizations “anti-LGBT groups” is quite curious.  To be sure, they are formally “Christian” organizations that hold traditional Christian views about homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  But the work they perform in the communities they serve cannot be characterized as “anti-LGBT” in good faith.  Yet, the litany of news stories about this shift in policy has identified them as such without any qualification.  

Does Kanye West’s latest album Jesus Is King mean he is a Christian now? If so, should Christians embrace him? Jack invites Free Beacon media analyst and freelance Kanye West expert Nic Rowan back onto the show to answer these and other questions.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast number – god, what number *is* it???? – it is 195!!! closing in on the big 200 soon!

This is the podcast for ten-ten-twenty-eighteen and we are Todd Feinburg – radio guy – and Mike Stopa – your friendly Siri-substitute.

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Say what you will about Kanye West, but he has the Donald’s number. From the Daily Wire: Kanye West told a radio station during an interview on Wednesday that President Donald Trump wants to be the greatest president ever for the black community and Trump is going to “work towards” achieving that goal. Preview Open

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